HORSHAM, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSII) and a leading provider of healthcare information systems and connectivity solutions, announced today that T-System, Inc., will deploy NextGen Practice Management to help drive revenue cycle management billing for its clients, which span across the U.S.

T-System, a leader in clinical, business and IT solutions for emergency care, last year introduced its new revenue cycle outsourcing services offered through the RevCycle+ solution to its emergency physician and hospital clients. Leveraging a transactional-based business model, T-System will deploy NextGen Practice Management across its customer base to standardize technology platforms and bolster the value of its service.

Operating from this single platform will allow T-System to deliver consistent, high-impact results while leveraging the most advanced technological capabilities available to optimize revenue for the physicians and hospitals it supports. Specifically, NextGen Practice Management will help automate complex billing requirements and centralize billing, collections and other business processes.

Under the agreement, NextGen RCM Services will implement the NextGen Practice Management solution for T-System. Capitalizing on the revenue cycle management expertise of NextGen RCM Services will result in a customized platform that meets T-System’s specific needs and ensures system optimization along with greater, faster reimbursement.

“T-System’s RevCycle+ solution is unique because it goes beyond basic billing and coding services – we consider how to optimize the entire revenue cycle,” said Mikael Öhman, chief operating officer for T-System, Inc. “We leverage our deep ED clinical and operational experience to deliver expert services driven by the most advanced technology available. This technology allows us to reduce manual processes and eliminate errors.”

“Our new relationship with T-System opens doors for NextGen Healthcare in the emergency department billing arena, a fast-growing segment. Additionally, having our RCM experts lead the charge to craft the ideal platform on behalf of T-System will help them maximize the use of the technology and will reap better, faster reimbursements for their clients. This partnership demonstrates to the marketplace our flexibilities and capabilities in customizing our solutions and strengthening client relationships to help foster their continued success,” said Steve Plochocki, president and chief executive officer for Quality Systems, Inc.

NextGen Healthcare selected by T-System to bolster revenue cycle
By: HMT Mag
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