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Technology: Now a solution, not a new problem – almost

Looking back at HMT’s January issue where experts gave their predictions for what was then the coming year, it’s kind of funny – all of them, to some degree, are right. Telemedicine adoption is growing, demand for open EHRs is on the rise, value-based care has become all but the standard at this point, and the government says it’s taking interoperability seriously. In other words … progress! We’re taking baby steps for sure, but when I’m in an optimistic mood (something that happens from time...


Mobility Strategies in Healthcare Survey: Results Revealed

Mobility is the future of healthcare communications, though the particulars of that future remain in flux. Now in its fifth year, Spok’s annual Mobility in Healthcare Survey is starting to reveal some longer-term trends in addition to annual snapshots. In July 2016, more than 550 healthcare professionals participated in our survey to reveal the current state of mobility strategies in healthcare.
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AHA unveils new strategies on ensuring access to healthcare in vulnerable communities

The American Hospital Association (AHA) unveiled a report outlining a menu of options for communities, hospitals and...

Smart sensor technology tracks everyday living patterns at home to predict patient health needs and influence care interventions

Care Innovations, a pioneer in connecting the care continuum to the home, is further increasing the value of remote patient management by...

Patients using digital interactive platform show 45% increase in comprehension of diagnostic imaging

A study of 2,226 patients undergoing diagnostic imaging were asked a variety of questions to determine their...

Americans don't sleep enough, and it's costing us $411 billion

Myriad business executives and heads of state have said they get by on little to no...


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Best Practices for Secure Patient Record Collaboration and Sharing

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HMT December 2, 2016 newsletter: AHA unveils healthcare access plans, Lack of sleep costs $411 billion, Healthcare job shrinkage
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Health Management Technology updated their profile picture. ... See MoreSee Less

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HMT December 1, 2016 newsletter: Cures Act passes House, Joint Commission updates ASC surveys, Apps help on readmissions, RSNA coverage
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Read the brand-new Spok white paper at HMT!

Spok's Fifth Annual Mobility Strategies in Healthcare Survey: Results Revealed
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HMT November 30, 2016 newsletter:

HFMA report on industry consolidation, Gatak trojan targets healthcare, Microsoft grows cloud, RSNA coverage
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Living Case Studies

Entry 4: Visualization improves workflow, referral numbers

When someone would call out “code purple” over the loudspeaker at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, OK, the staff would mobilize. They would...

November/December Magazine Articles

Three disaster recovery mistakes and how to avoid them

While most people associate disaster recovery (DR) with earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods, such catastrophic events are rare. The reality is that 71 percent of...

Industry Watch – November/December 2016

A monthly roundup of healthcare IT trends, technologies, and resources.

Solutions Guide: Radiology/PACS Imaging – November/December 2016

A roundup of solutions, trends, technologies, and resources that help healthcare organizations with radiology and PACS/imaging IT issues.

Provider communications in a risk-based world

A recent HIMSS Analytics study confirmed that risk-based population health management programs are gaining traction in the hospital ecosystem and are expected to continue...

The 2016 HMT salary survey

With the health IT space seeing rapid expansion and growth, HMT polled its readership to get a better sense of who they are. Details...

Rising Stars of HIT Leadership

Here in the pages of HMT we sometimes see the same faces. For this Rising Stars feature, we wanted to do something a little...

Connecting the continuum – and beyond

Health information must be shareable and accessible among all individuals involved in the care setting: primary care physicians, specialists, hospital physicians, and patients. I...

The dread of data sharing

Data sharing between clinicians facilitates care coordination, reduces duplicative treatments, and minimizes the risk of costly mistakes. Despite these and numerous other benefits, nearly...