Kony Solutions today announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Blue Shield of California to develop and deploy a new generation of mobile and multi-channel applications on the KonyOne Platform. Blue Shield will employ the full range of Kony's mobile and multi-channel products and services to operate its “Multi-Channel Center of Excellence” (mCoE). Blue Shield's mCoE is chartered with ensuring the company offers the most innovative, valuable and state-of-the-art mobile and multi-channel services for its customers.

Blue Shield is a health plan serving more than three million members across the state of California, including some of the largest technology organizations in the world.

“Delivering a high-quality multi-channel experience is now part of the basic RFP for most of our customers, and they require mobile offerings that are robust, scalable and can handle all the different devices that members want to use,” said Michael Mathias, chief information officer, Blue Shield of California. “We selected Kony because they offer a robust platform that covers the full range of devices and will integrate easily with our systems.”

Blue Shield will use Kony's mobile application development platform and its healthcare “accelerator” application to build custom applications for its customers, as well as cloud and service offerings that will be rolled out later this year. Through the use of the Kony portfolio and the multi-channel CoE program, Blue Shield expects to streamline and accelerate its entire software development lifecycle, while enhancing service offerings for its customers.

“By incorporating the KonyOne Platform into its multi-channel strategy, Blue Shield is ensuring it can deliver a dependable and high-quality experience for all of its customers, employees and partners regardless of the device they use,” said Raj Koneru, CEO of Kony Solutions. “Our end-to-end, future-proof platform enables Blue Shield to develop, deploy and manage all of their apps and eliminates the need to rebuild mobile apps for new devices or manage constant technology upgrades.”

Learn more at www.kony.com.

Kony Solutions collaborates with Blue Shield of California to launch mobile and...
By: HMT Mag
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