PORTLAND, OR / NASHVILLE, TN – February 19, 2013 – Futrix Health and ICA, a leading provider of interoperability technology that enables care coordination and health information exchange (HIE),  announced today a strategic partnership that would couple the analytics strengths of both companies to improve measurement, analysis and data benchmarking capabilities for payers, ACOs and providers.

Trend and actuarial analysis, as well as data analytics and clinical decision support, have been key tools for the payer market for decades. Significant obstacles to more pervasive use of these powerful tools are the chronic need for human intervention to manipulate data, extensive programmatic integration with each source system and the requirement of manually inputted clinical data.  Futrix Health’s powerful analytics tools coupled with ICA’s CareAlign interoperability and informatics platform will address these weaknesses and enable at-risk organizations to access the full power of these applications more efficiently.

“Futrix Health brings significant power and sophistication in analytics to the broad payer and provider market,” said Gary Zegiestowsky, president and CEO of ICA. “This partnership between our two companies will bring the needed clinical data liquidity to Futrix Health’s portfolio of products and will enhance ICA’s offering to payers, ACOs and providers. HIMSS allows us to demonstrate how we will work together to help potential customers understand the tremendous synergies our two companies offer.”

“The use of Futrix Health is exploding in the healthcare plan market,” added Jack Duncan, CEO, Futrix Americas. “Futrix Health for desktop analytics and proactive analysis has generated requests for more deployment to additional departments. The use of Cohort Analysis Groups along with benchmarking and dynamic grouping capabilities, have made Futrix the self-service business intelligence tool of choice.  CareAlign’s multifaceted and powerful interoperability, analytics and clinical communications tools bring added power and depth to our current desktop offering.”

Futrix Health helps payers, ACOs and providers link multiple data sources, including eligibility, claims, clinical data, demographics, capitation and fee-for-service payment schedules into a single analytical stream. Flexible, “drill-anywhere” self-service business intelligence is coupled with a truly unique analytic engine enabling health professionals to securely and flexibly explore data, create any kind of measure or grouping from any data source(s) and then freely analyze across all the data sources. With real-time clinical data fed by ICA’s CareAlign Exchange and Insight infrastructure, Futrix Health’s powerful analytic capabilities can empower healthcare organizations with unprecedented insights and performance improvements. Futrix Health’s analytic capabilities include:

·         Linked measures to access and merge disparate data to create meaningful healthcare measures;

·         Cohort analysis groups to allow member segmentation and analysis of clinical groups;

·         Dynamic group dimensions to categorize information into non-traditional sub-groupings;

·         Dynamic benchmarks to compare control data such as geography, providers, time period, population and industry; and

·         Privacy drill control to ensure privacy protection, data protection and HIPAA compliance

ICA’s CareAlign solution suite includes a series of modules that allow for information exchange between healthcare organizations and ultimately, facilitate care coordination. The suite includes:

·         CareAlign Exchange – A  comprehensive interoperability platform that facilitates the seamless and secure exchange of healthcare data across a widening continuum of healthcare settings and provides a strong and flexible foundation for broad clinical information exchange;

·         CareAlign Collaborate – A  clinical portal that aggregates health information from multiple settings and provides a complete longitudinal, patient-centric view of a patient’s clinical history to healthcare providers regardless of the technology in place;

·         CareAlign Insight – A  clinical analytics platform that extracts, normalizes, monitors and deposits data into a repository during the health information exchange process and can be accessed via a CareAlign portal or third party applications for dashboard creation, bio-surveillance, ad-hoc queries and patient portal applications;

·          CareAlign Direct – A SaaS-based clinical communications solution using the Direct protocol that enables the secure transport of clinical communication across the continuum of care regardless of EHR technology in place and is embedded within the CareAlign Exchange platform as a first step toward a full interoperability and analytics solution; and

·         CareAlign Connect – A secure clinical communication portal which augments ICA’s CareAlign Direct messaging solution and enables clinicians with or without EHRs the ability to communicate to improve care coordination, delegate workload and streamline workflow.

ICA announces strategic partnership with Futrix Health
By: HMT Mag
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