Orem, Utah-February 23, 2012 For the Ambulatory EMR by Specialty Study 2012: Finding the Fit report, KLAS interviewed over 700 medical professionals in order to fully understand how their EMR vendors tackle each of their varied specialties-both as an enterprise offering and by individual specialty. This report is designed not only to inform providers of the capability and performance of the measured vendors, but also to highlight where vendors excel and where they fall short when it comes to specialty content delivery and multispecialty coverage.

This report is divided into two sections: Inpatient & Large Group Analysis and Specialty Insights & Key Players. Inpatient & Large Group Analysis examines vendors that provide broad coverage of specialties and are frequently scored by inpatient environments, including vendors like Allscripts (Enterprise), Cerner (PowerChart), eClinicalWorks, Epic (EpicCare), GE Healthcare (Centricity EMR), and NextGen (EMR). Individual Specialty Insights & Key Players dives into solutions that represent high-volume and/or high-revenue specialties, including vendors like Amazing Charts, Aprima, athenahealth, e-MDs, Greenway, PCC, Praxis, SRSsoft, and Vitera (Sage).

While a patchwork of best-of-breed systems might provide the best clinical solution for different specialists, inpatient and large group leaders balance physician demands with the realities of implementing, interfacing, and supporting each solution. The overall scores by specialty demonstrate the relative degree of difficulty for meeting the needs of each specialty.

Overall Satisfaction Score by Specialty The data in this chart represents specialty scores for all vendors measured.

Research director Mark Wagner said, “Vendors strive to meet providers’ needs and reach the specialty EMR promised land by offering a solution that provides the fewest gaps with the best support for the broadest number of specialties.”

Wagner continued, “Providers also want a solid solution for the critical, high-revenue, and high-volume specialties; strong ambulatory/inpatient data exchange, whether through native EMR integration or HL7 interfaces; and clean code releases built on top of dependable applications that work in tandem with reliable customer support.”

To learn more about the Ambulatory Specialty EMR marketplace, the Ambulatory EMR by Specialty Study 2012: Finding the Fit report is available to healthcare providers online for a significant discount. To purchase, healthcare providers and vendors can visit www.KLASresearch.com/reports.

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