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● Product Spotlight: HIMSS14

Get HD TV just like at home HD Video for Healthcare provides medical facilities a cost-effective way to upgrade to a feature-rich, high-definition program- ming solution that is pa- tient friendly. Provided via a small, unobtrusive box mounted to the back of the TV, the service, which also interfaces with most bedside pillow speakers,

provides high-definition video, free On Demand program- ming, an interactive program guide and the ability to pause live TV. The technology upgrade could improve HCAHPS scores. Time Warner Cable Business Class

Process claims more efficiently

The new Workcenter from ZirMed pro- vides a centralized lo- cation to manage and assign workgroups to prioritize workflow and streamline claims processing. This cus- tomizable solution

with a user-friendly interface also allows users to group claims by rejection message; filter, reassign and export claims; save time by pulling rejections across multiple accounts into one work list; store frequently used search filters and run those filters in seconds, any time they are needed. ZirMed

Battery management reinvented The Elora Battery System has been designed to transform battery management for any point-of-care technology, regardless of AC or DC power requirements, includ- ing mobile workstations, vital signs monitors and EKG monitors. The system features five modular com- ponents that can be configured into 36 unique combinations to power any device used in any workflow. Features include a lightweight,

high-capacity, 240 watt-hour (WH) Lithium-Ion battery; advanced battery interface; on-cart fuel gauge; optional AC power supply and a disinfecting charger cabinet. Anton/Bauer

Easily configurable workstation The Metro AccessPoint Mobile Computing System is the first prod- uct of the Metro Access platform, an integrated hardware and software suite that delivers unified informa- tion, medication and supply access. This ergonomic unit gives facilities a powerful tool for improving ef- ficiency and reducing cost while progressing through the HIMSS EMR adoption model. Key features include a unique Li-Nano power supply with industry-leading five-year warranty,

“battery cell only” replacement technology and a universal tech tray design. Metro

Sleek, foldable touch-screen terminals Posiflex has added an intel- ligent, foldable base to its XT series of 15-inch touch- screen terminals. The sleek fold-flat design optimizes height and viewing angles and provides a 40 percent reduction in the package size and weight to reduce deployment shipping costs. Two XT Series 15-inch touch-screen models are

available: the Posiflex XT4015 (shown) has a choice of three powerful processor options, while the the Posiflex XT3215 is the cost-effective workhorse option. Posiflex

22 April 2014

Empower healthcare consumers Allscripts FollowMy- Health Achieve is a population health management solution that engages patients directly in their care management while sup- porting the primary

care physician’s emerging role as “CEO of the care team.” Providers enter care management instructions into Allscripts TouchWorks EHR, which then are made available to their patients through their Allscripts FollowMyHealth account. Remote monitoring and the use of home-based devices can be interfaced with the system portal, which can send alerts regarding patient status. Allscripts


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