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Coordinate care, inventory and more


off er hospitals the multi-purpose Motorola MC40-HC, a consumer-like device run- ning on the Android OS. T is durable, Wi-Fi-enabled solution supports the Voalte One application, which combines voice calls, alarm and alert integration, and secure text messaging. It also incorpo- rates 1D and 2D barcode scanning for data capture and barcode medication administration, provides security features to meet privacy requirements and allows for remote management of devices and applications. Voalte

Voalte and Motorola have teamed up to -

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Collaborate on almost any system T e Vocera Collaboration Suite is the industry’s

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only HIPAA-compliant voice and secure texting smart- phone application that features call by role, group and broadcast capabilities, and integrates with over 50 clinical systems. T is solution off ers intelligent com- munication on iOS and Android devices whether inside or outside the hospital. Vocera also off ers a turnkey smartphone deployment and management kit that includes an extended battery pack, a dock- ing station for storage and charging, and a mobile device management (MDM) application. Vocera

Track and report on HCAHPS hot points Designed

to work with CommonPath nurse call, the CommonPath Reporting Solu- tion off ers a full suite of activity reports that are easily accessed from any Internet-enabled computer by authorized staff to monitor, assess and report on HCAHPS hot points. Reports are available in summary, graphical and real-time dashboard format and focus on an individual, unit, facility or organizational level to provide response times to patient requests, caregiver call response performance, rounding performance and workfl ow analysis. Critical Alert Systems

Know who, what, where and when in real time

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T e Mobile Heartbeat CURE (Clinical Urgent REsponse) solution provides nurses, physicians and technicians with secure, single smartphone access to all clinical communications, pertinent patient information and lab data. T e dynamic directory identifi es and connects the changing members of the patient’s care team, both physicians and

nurses, and provides information on how to reach them. T is solution features secure texting, voice, caregiver-specifi c alarms and alerts, VoIP and PBX connectivity, and easy integration with EMRs and the cloud. Mobile Heartbeat

Voice over Wi-Fi is just the beginning


PIVOT is designed to bridge the gap be- tween smartphones and purpose-built mobile solutions. T is multi-touch Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) handset solution differentiates itself by its ease of use and ergonomic design, HD voice quality, seamless VoWi-Fi roaming, durability, broad telephony support and wireless local area network (WLAN) interoperability Nurses get the ability to make voice calls reli-li-

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across multiple devices

Imprivata Cortext enables HIPAA-com- pliant secure text and photo messaging, care team coordination and multi-site communica- tions across hospitals, health systems, ACOs, physician practices, home health agencies or other healthcare organi- zations. T is easy-to-deploy SaaS solution off ers real-time message synchronization across multiple devices, a desktop application with built-in notifi cations, and support for critical alerting and on-call scheduling systems to improve provider productivity. Providers can use the solution across all their iPhones, iPads, Android-based devices or desktops. Imprivata

Protect patient privacy on mobile devices

Marble Security has extended its Mar-

ble Messenger capability, a Web-based messaging client that enables healthcare organizations to protect information with encryption and passwords to enforce compliance for senders and receivers. T e extension includes a secure guest ac-


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cess app for healthcare professionals outside the Marble fh l

network. T e guest app allows users whose organizations have not deployed the Marble platform to respond securely to Marble Messenger notifi cations. T e sender can recall messages from a guest as well. Marble Security

messages Synch y.

ably, access data and utilize specialized applications and solutions, such as the integrated 1D and 2D barcode scan- ners. Spectralink


April 2014


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