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our application to any device, regardless of what platform it is on. We didn’t have to worry about an iOS way of doing security or an Android way of doing security or an Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Mac way of doing security.” Ericom’s browser-based client provided Healthmaster with the safe environment for its users to retrieve their medical records regardless of the device or the platform they use. “We have school districts on the west coast in Oregon

who predominantly only use Chromebooks that present their own unique challenges. We have other school districts who have iPads and iPhones and Galaxy tablets and generic Android tablets, PC desktops from Windows XP up to Windows 8.1 plus experimental, all that from Microsoft. We are spread across a spectrum. We have some people who are using Microsoft’s mobile platforms and thin clients.” Ericom gives Healthmaster not only the flexibility to

engage a variety of platforms, it also enables McGovern to manage how devices may, or may not, establish a con- nection with his company’s network.

“We can deploy applications out on a by-user basis or

by a customer group basis or by a device basis. Frankly, we can even shut out device types if we’re not comfortable with the technology that they run on,” McGovern says.

Conclusions With limited resources, but an every-growing number of possible end points congregating on a facility’s net- work, organizations must constantly appraise their IT environments to ensure HIPAA compliance. In terms of BYOD security, many healthcare CIOs would be wise to contemplate the need for the automated device identifica- tion practiced at Benson Hospital or the level of platform flexibility Healtmaster possesses. By engaging in this ef- fort to develop a true, yet evolving picture of their needs and limitations, Benson Hospital and Healthmaster have not only created their own secure BYOD policies and processes, but they have provided outside organizations with invaluable insights into possible paths toward their own HIPAA compliance as well.



March 2014


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