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Making clinical data analytics count

By Rick Dana Barlow 4 24 COLUMNS

Viewpoint By Matt Peacock Thought Leaders:

Closing the EMR donut hole By Steve Hynes, president elect, AHIOS, and president, MRO; and Matt Rohs, past- president, AHIOS, and VP and GM, ROI Services at HealthPort.

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DEPARTMENTS Industry Watch

Solutions Guide: Workfl ow 23 New Products and Services


8 Does size, volume really matter?

Health Management Technology reached out to group of executives in the data analytics space to clear up some of the fog, including: Todd Rothenhaus, Chief Medical Information Offi cer, athenahealth; Patricia Birch, Vice President and Healthcare Consulting Practice Head, Cognizant; Eric Mueller, Director, Product Management, Lumeris; Bonnie Cassidy, Senior Director of HIM Innovation, Nu- ance; Anil Jain, M.D., FACP, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Information Offi cer, Explorys Inc.; Dan Riskin, M.D., CEO, Health Fidelity; Tony Jones, M.D., CMO, Philips Healthcare’s Patient Care and Clinical Informatics’ Business Unit; and Karen Handmaker, MPP, Vice President, Population Health Strategies, Phytel.


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Untangling healthcare’s Gordian knot The integrity of clinical documentation is vital to protecting an organization’s bottom line.

By Mel Tully, MSN, CCDS, CDIP, VP of clinical services and education, Nuance Communications

Three keys to successful RCM in 2014 ICD-10, new payment models, HIEs will all impact revenue cycle. By Jim Lacy, CFO and general counsel, ZirMed



An elegant solution to improve workfl ow

This EHR enables clinicians to capture structured data at the POC.

By Stephen S. Hau, founder and chief technology offi cer, Shareable Ink.

The Source for Healthcare Information Systems Solutions

December 2013 Vol. 34, No. 12

Healthcare records – keeping

tabs Addressing security, integration and operating system choices. By Matt Peacock

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