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Real-time visibility of resources, staff

The Capacity Management Suite system 3.0 integrates advanced patient flow, business intelligence and RTLS technologies to help hospital executives better manage all areas of their organization impacted by patient demand. This solution provides real-time visibility and accountability to maximize performance for a broad spectrum of daily activities, including transfers, in-patient tracking, staff loca- tion, recent admissions and discharges, room assignments and cleans, mobile equipment searches and critical work- flow improvement. TransportTracking and BedTracking apps are supported for iPad. TeleTracking Technologies

BI comes to RTLS

The combined business intelligence solution from Stanley Healthcare and Tableau Software

delivers unprecedented visibility and insight into healthcare operations. For example, Wi-Fi RFID tags used to track and manage medical devices can generate large amounts of valuable data about the workflow of those devices, their location and their utilization. With the Stanley Healthcare and Tableau Software solution, healthcare organizations can better analyze this data and make quicker and better informed decisions. Stanley Healthcare

WaveMark to track supplies at 70 VA cath labs

WaveMark is one of the HP subcon- tractors chosen recently to create a $543 million RTLS solution for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facilities across

the nation. WaveMark combines RFID smart cabinets that read their con- tents automatically with RFID-enabled point-of-care stations in procedure rooms to capture usage. The solution’s sophisticated supply chain software helps patient safety by improving product availability and alerting on expired and recalled items. It also right- sizes inventory, improves charge capture and streamlines workflow. WaveMark

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June 2013


RTLS Asset Management

When Seconds Count: RTLS Network Considerations

Monday, June 3, 2:30 pm–3:45 pm

Speaker: Calvin Sproul, Manager, Enterprise Network Design, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Learn about Johns Hopkins’ RTLS decision process, including the unforeseen impact of several technologies on the wireless network during pilot testing.

Proven Technology Room-level Locating PM/Recall Alerts Immediate ROI Wireless Option

Requires Recalibration?

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