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● Products and Services

New mHealth clinician resource UpToDate Anywhere enables healthcare enterprises to improve patient care by equipping clinicians with anytime/anywhere access to comprehensive, evidence-based, clini- cal decision support through Wolters Kluwer’s award-winning UpToDate mobile app. Clinicians can get action- able answers to point-of-care questions on-site, at satellite offices, at home or on the go. UpToDate is available in iOS, Android and Windows 8 mobile platforms as well as via any Internet

browser. Back-end tools for healthcare IT admins streamline user registration and on-going user management. Wolters Kluwer Health

Executive dashboard for lab management The e.dashboard mod-

ule provides a live, re- al-time laboratory man- agement dashboard and standard management re- ports as an addition to Psyche Systems’ award- winning WindoPath Labo- ratory Information System software. Using this solu-

tion, labs can implement an executive dashboard for real- time monitoring of daily performance, key metrics, and throughput at the lab, test and cash level. Having instant access to key metrics gives lab directors the ability to make immediate decisions that will have a direct impact on the bottom line. Psyche Systems

Streamline billing workflows

Ingenious Med has combined both inpatient and outpatient function- ality into its award-win- ning impower platform, providing a single, uni- versal solution that cap- tures and holds all charge

capture data. The added outpatient functionality allows the company to expand its offerings enterprise-wide. Designed to enhance physician workflow, the newest release offers several important features, including the ability to cre- ate highly customizable virtual superbills, a robust clinic scheduling interface and a sophisticated integration engine that works with existing back-office practice systems. Ingenious Med Experience a true tablet PC The ATIV Smart

PC Pro 700T is Sam- sung’s latest portable Windows 8 PC. Users get an ultra-thin tablet and a fully functioning PC all in one stylish product. Additional features include a gen- erous 11.6-inch dis-

play, a detachable keyboard, 10-point touch capability and Samsung’s proprietary S Pen for handwritten note taking. Specs include an Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM (standard) and up to 8 hours of battery life. This unit is optimized to facilitate the adoption of electronic medical records. Samsung Easy mobile device management

Take the pain out of managing a fleet of mobile devices by using Xerox’s private cloud-based mobile device manage- ment (MDM) solution for healthcare professionals. Xerox configures devices for system access, giving organizations a way to monitor compliance and security policies, and providing a secure site where staff can download approved applications. A utility-based model means clients only pay for what they use, with no additional software or hardware to buy. Lost or stolen devices can be remotely locked or wiped. Xerox Payment estimations made easy

Get paid faster and more accurately. ZirMed Patient Estimation is a Web-based solution that enables provider organizations to determine a patient’s financial responsi- bility prior to providing service or care. Patient estimation is a critical best practice that can reduce days in A/R and improve cash flow. This solution leverages ZirMed’s mas- sive, national database of healthcare payment information to increase point-of-care patient collections exponentially. Patients benefit by knowing exactly what a test or scan will cost before receiving it. ZirMed


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