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Solutions: 5010/ICD-10

Concerned about 5010

and ICD-10 deadlines? Learn how Lawrence & Memorial found a solution.


aul Chausse, revenue cycle director at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, Conn., took the time to discuss the hospital’s 5010 options with SSI.

With an “if it’s not broke, don’t fi x it” philosophy in mind, Chausse wanted to see which SSI products were currently available and what he should be looking for in the future re- garding 5010 and ICD -10 timelines. Currently a Meditech Magic 6.0 customer, Chausse was

specifi cally concerned with 5010 testing and how the hospital would meet its deadline. Lawrence & Memorial has maintained low A/R days, just 35 net days currently, and staff has been very happy with SSI’s services. SSI representatives discussed with Chausse three different ways to approach 5010 planning. Since Chausse is pragmatic and not wanting radical change, SSI fi rst suggested ClickON® ClearView 5010. The ClearView 5010 solution is essentially a test harness that can test the HIS, plus send claims to payers in a simulated environment, keeping the production environment clear of all testing procedures. By utilizing ClearView 5010, Lawrence & Memorial Hos- pital would be capable of testing for both 5010 and ICD -10. Because ClearView 5010 is able to perform ICD- 10 testing, many SSI customers have been able to fi nd funding from their ICD -10 budgets. SSI also recommended that Chausse consider ClickON® Remote Client 3.0. This product would provide his billers the ability to work offsite through an ASP connection. The other two options included choosing SSI’s ClickON® Hosting Service or opting to do nothing. The third discussed

option, however, is one that SSI strongly discourages. Some customers have chosen to test within their live production environment. However, most customers who have endured the 4010 conversion know that this is a consideration that should be seriously thought out before moving forward. SSI encourages facilities to take the time to talk with peers in the industry and make a plan for the future, because this is one area where fi xing it before it breaks will be a huge fi nancial windfall. In the end, Chausse chose the ClickON® ClearView 5010

option. Lawrence & Memorial is now in the queue to have this product implemented and will commence with 5010 testing as payers become available. If you are a current SSI customer, you can check out SSI’s client website to see how payers are progressing with 5010. Log on now to stay up to date with all your 5010 inquiries.

About SSI

Healthcare EDI and revenue cycle management leader SSI serves the U.S. hospital, payer and physician markets. The company’s 10Smart™ Solution is designed to facilitate a fl aw- less ICD-10 conversion and help ensure healthcare enterprises’ fi nancial performance throughout the transition. This a la carte grouping of proven product sets features: ClaimSmart Suite™, SSI’s fourth generation RCM solution; A/Rchitect™, a break- through set of products that includes an Analytics Suite, an ICD-10 Assessment Tool, as well as Claims Management and Contract Administration offerings; and ClickON® ClearView ICD-10, a claim validation test harness. To learn more, visit

20 June 2012


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