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Products and Services

Optimize clinical decision support ZynxValue+ offers healthcare organizations a customized portfolio of services that rapidly assess a group’s existing clini- cal decision support. Assessments look beyond core measures to additional evidence-based interventions proven to impact mortality, cost, admissions, readmissions, hospital-acquired conditions and length of stay. Experienced clinicians provide ongoing, evidence-based clinical decision support update rec- ommendations, ensuring that clinical decision support content complies with new fi ndings, regulations, FDA safety alerts and other changes to clinical evidence. With direct-build services, updated content, aligned with the evidence, can be directly built into an organization’s EHR by experienced integration consultants. Zynx Health

Super-clean keyboard

with a CHERRY on top The EZClean 4100 keyboard features a smooth, replaceable silicone cover that is easy to clean with most standard medical cleansers

and disinfectant wipes, while providing an exceptional tactile feel for typists. The patent-pending keyboard is targeted at medical providers looking to reduce the spread of healthcare- acquired infections. This keyboard is based on CHERRY’s proven G84-4100 keyboards, with ML mechanical keyswitch technology that delivers an excellent tactile feel in a conve- nient, compact 11-inch size. CHERRY

Cardiovascular info on the go Centricity Cardio Enterprise is a comprehensive IT offering that provides cardiologists a single point of access to patient data, images and reports across the continuum of care while enhancing physician productivity and improving charge capture accuracy. This Web-enabled solution provides configurable workfl ow, tools and reports that can be shared across multiple facilities

and organizations, allowing cardiologists to easily and securely access the complete patient cardiovascular record for rapid and more informed clinical decision making. The system uses GE’s vendor-neutral archiving platform. GE Healthcare

Doctor consultations around the clock MyHealthPlan 24/7 is a cloud-based telemedicine plat- form designed to support health plans in reducing costs and meeting market demand for more affordable and immedi- ate access to qual- ity healthcare. This solution gives payer organizations the abil- ity to offer members on-demand access

to their provider network or Consult A Doctor’s national network of on-call physicians. The main benefi t for members is around-the-clock access to participating physicians from anywhere via phone, email, mobile app or video chat. Provider benefi ts include new revenue streams and expanded services that attract new patients. Consult A Doctor

30 May 2012 Advanced visualization and

analysis made even better Vitrea Enterprise Suite, Version 6.2 features clinical and usability enhance- ments including improvements to its CT Colon, Cardiac MR, Body Perfusion and CT Brain Perfusion applications. It also includes a new Myocardial Analysis application and a dedicated liver ap- plication, which provides tools for segmenting and qualifying the liver and related tumors. Enhancements in VitreaView include new study search capabilities, as well as scalability and workfl ow improvements. Vital Images

Electronic locks for healthcare facilities The CyberLock System of elec- tronic lock cylinders and program- mable keys can save thousands of dollars at the door because it uses a facility’s existing mechanical lock hardware, and no wiring is required for installation. Within minutes, a mechanical lock can be retrofi tted with a CyberLock electronic cylinder.

The electronic cylinders can be installed nearly anywhere controlled access and auditing is needed, including server cabinets, drug dispensaries, computer carts, supply rooms, pharmacy cabinets and more. This solution can also help ensure HIPAA/HITECH and JCAHO compliance. Videx


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