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Identify and target gaps in CDS ZynxValue+ is a portfolio of services that identifi es measurable gaps in hospital and healthcare organizations’ clinical decision support and recommends potential improvements in clinical content and processes. By optimizing CDS, hospitals may improve mortality, admissions, readmissions, length of stay and cost. These fi ve key clinical and fi nancial outcomes are closely tied to U.S. healthcare reform funding incentives. All hospitals and healthcare systems are invited to receive a complementary ZynxValue+ assessment for heart failure and pneumonia, conditions that have demonstrated improved cost and quality outcomes with evidence-based CDS at the point of care. Zynx Health

Super-smart medication and supply management Pandora Financials is a customizable analytics software solution for hospitals that presents actionable information regarding medication and supply inventory levels to maximize fi nancial outcomes and effi ciency and alleviate the time burden required for manual data analysis. Providers can easily and effi ciently access critical information such as total inventory costs of medications and supplies, location-specifi c inventory turns and costs per patient stay. This solution integrates with Pandora Clinicals on the PandoraVIA platform to monitor diversion, help maintain medication dispensing compliance and optimize inventory and supply levels. Omnicell

SaaS-based dashboards track key patient metrics Database-agnostic LogicPaQ solutions from Deep Domain sit alongside EMR and clinical registries to put the right clinical data in the hands of the right users, without placing a heavy burden on IT departments. These clini- cal analytics solutions enable any staff member of a healthcare organization to instantly access their EMR or EHR data and turn it into meaningful and actionable clinical quality indicators, right from their own desktop. Log- icPaQ solutions are available for most major clinical and quality reports, including ER, OR, ICU and meaningful use. Deep Domain

BI that improves clinical performance Carefx, a subsidiary of Harris Corporation, offers the Practice Variation Suite of business intelligence dashboards comprising Physician Insight Plus, Length of Stay and Cost per Case. Developed with the Cleveland Clinic, these sophisticated BI tools enable organizations to monitor, evaluate and improve clinical performance. Having the ability to compare peer performance and identify best practices on a risk-adjusted basis is the fi rst step toward improving outcomes and achieving ac- countable care. By addressing hospital costs, these dashboards may prove invaluable to organizations as they continue to face revenue pressure. Carefx 28 January 2012 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY

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