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Built to last and last The Enovate Medical Cart is designed to be comfortable and ergonomically correct whether users are pushing, pulling, sitting or standing. The company’s goal is to set a new standard in quality and pro- vide a cart that is built right, ready for years of use and backed by a commitment of exemplary service and support. Customizable solutions are created for medication delivery, computerized physician order entry, clinical documentation and more. Features include: light weight, soft corners, an LED fuel gauge and antimicrobial materials. Enovate

Extend telepresence beyond meetings The TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant is a purpose-built,

mobile telemedicine cart designed for use in healthcare settings. This unit brings the power of telepresence technology directly to patients and medical professionals through a high-defi nition video collaboration system well suited for applications ranging from remote patient consultations to virtual care teams and medical education. Includes a 24-inch 1080p HD LED backlit display and support for multiple standard- and high- defi nition video inputs. Global availability targeted for fi rst quarter 2012. Cisco

Infection control for mobile computing The C5v Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) is a rugged, lightweight and fully sealed tablet PC that ensures compliance with infection control protocols. The industry’s fi rst MCA, the C5v Tablet PC is proven to enhance clinician satisfaction, improve documen- tation accuracy and reduce errors. This unit enhances mobile point of care by improving clinical workfl ows through real-time access to patient information. With the Intel Core vPro technology and enhanced durability features, the C5v Tablet PC offers new levels of performance, security and manageability. Motion Computing

Power system upgrades for mobile workstations New lithium iron phosphate (LiFe) power system upgrades are available from Futura Healthcare Technology. This universal solution can be retrofi tted to most cart models. The improved technology offers 14+ hours of run time with a one- to two-hour recharge. Units have an estimated fi ve-year life span. Free 30-day evaluations are available upon request. Futura Healthcare Technology


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