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Product Spotlight and Buyers Guide

RSNA 2011 – The 97th Scientifi c Assembly & Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Nov. 27-Dec. 2, Chicago, is the premier scientifi c and educational forum in radiology. Come learn about the latest trends in radiologic research and “celebrate the image” along with 60,000 attendees.

Half-moon-shaped dual-tier desk

AFC Industries, Inc. 13-16 133rd Place College Point, NY 11356

PH: 1-800-663-3412 FX: 718-747-0726 See Hall A #3505 at RSNA 2011

The ergonomic design of this unique and utilitarian semi-circular imaging desk en- ables the user to arrange monitors in a way that maximizes both visibility and reach advantages. When sitting at a proper distance from the tiered confi guration, users gain easy access to all input-entry devices. The independent electronic height-adjustment

capabilities of each of the surfaces allow the user to change the height of the equip- ment within seconds at the simple touch of a button, optimizing comfort in use whether in a seated or standing position.

Fully motorized, mobile DR system The DX-D 100 direct radiography (DR) system is a highly maneuverable unit that combines full mobility with Agfa HealthCare’s image processing. The result provides high-quality radiology exams performed effi - ciently in intensive care units, emergency departments, operating rooms or at the bedside. The unit features Agfa HealthCare’s NX workstation and is supported by

AGFA HealthCare 10 South Academy St. Greenville, SC 29601

PH: 864-421-1600 FX: 864-421-1414 See Hall B #8350 at RSNA 2011

MUSICA2, the company’s gold-standard image processing software. It is available with con- ventional gadolinium or high-DQE cesium DR panels for dose-sensitive patients and delivers fast image preview and excellent image resolution.

Take a seat at Steve’s Station Anthro Corp.

10450 SW Manhasset Dr. Tualatin, OR 97062

PH: 503-691-2556 FX: 800-325-0045 See Hall B #8927 at RSNA 2011

Anthro Corporation, the Tualatin, Oregon- based designer and manufacturer of radiology furniture and carts, introduces Steve’s Station, the company’s newest family of imaging desks for healthcare reading rooms. Launching at RSNA 2011, Steve’s Station adjusts for either sitting or standing while maintaining comfort-

able focal depth for display monitors. This unit is an adjustable, ergonomic imaging table that can be easily shared by multiple radiologists.

28 November 2011


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