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Data Storage In contrast, virtualized storage al-

lows Gastroenterology Associates to consolidate storage resources into one virtual pool for simple, centralized management with fl exibility, reduc- ing primary storage capacity require- ments and cutting storage capital in- vestment. The open, software-based

storage virtualization deployed by the group allows for the integration of af- fordable disk hardware from any ven- dor – avoiding an expensive commit- ment to one supplier. Virtualization increases the day-to-day operational effi ciency, reduces overhead costs and allows for quick recovery.

The group chose FalconStor Net- work Storage Server (NSS) and Fal- conStor Continuous Data Protector (CDP) solutions to provide DR for all of its accounting software, serv- ers, pathology, electronic records, practice management system and insurance payments. By handling all of these functions electronically, the group eliminated half of its paper consumption.

Open New Windows of Administrative Insight with ClaimSmart

’s Intuitive Dashboards.

ClaimSmart Suite™, SSI’s fourth generation revenue cycle management solution, seamlessly unifies the company’s EDI offerings and graphically depicts current claim information on its dashboards.

Technology That Fits: The New I.T. Model

Utilizing Cloud Computing and the Software-as-a-Service platform, ClaimSmart eliminates costly infrastructure maintenance and support. Technology That Fits: Your Business Office Workflow

Facilitating the intelligent distribution of revenue cycle tasks, ClaimSmart’s workflow-driven design improves productivity and accountability. Technology That Fits: Your Budget

Offered via a flat-rate, monthly subscription, ClaimSmart ensures a predictable expenditure versus the cost-per-claim model.

Technology That Fits: Healthcare’s New Reality

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Gastroenterology Associates now has 34 workcenters running on NSS and using the DiskSafe Agent to rep- licate block-level data to CDP. The group leverages TimeMark technol- ogy for operating system (OS) and application data protection, taking OS snapshots twice per day and data snapshots every 30 minutes. The TimeView feature enables fast recov- ery of data in the event of OS or ap- plication failure. The group continues to rely on NetVault for tape backup creation. Gastroenterology Associ- ates currently stores four terabytes of data – a number that will grow as it continues to store more and more data electronically. Today, Gastroenterology Associ- ates measures its data recovery time in minutes instead of days. The prod- ucts we deployed satisfy our needs in terms of restoring data that has been lost or rebuilding a server or partition within a short period of time. I can rebuild a 500-gigabyte partition in 15 minutes and have the server up and running.

In short order, the group can locate and restore lost or corrupted fi les containing sensitive patient and business information. The reliable data-protection support it deployed enables Gastroenterology Associ- ates of Cleveland to proceed with its EMR plans and capture the time and financial savings of electronic record keeping, while maintaining certainty that its records will also be available.


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