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CONTENTS August 2011 Vol. 32, No. 8

Kim Labow uses mobile technology to improve care management and drug adherence for at-risk patients.

Gulf Coast Health Center needed a

new EMR system that would allow for upgrades and expansion of the system as necessary.

In the cloud:

Tom Toperczer talks about utilizing telemedicine to reach

underserved markets in rural areas. 14 In pursuit of EMR, Gastroenterology Associates Workflow Streamline REAP THE REWARDS

18 Get a few steps ahead of the game by following these recommendations. 20

upgrades disaster-recovery operation EMR implementation forces look at DR options. Get help planning a data center

It’s back to the future for storage of PACS images The concept of a shared central repository has long been an IT staple.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 22 Gulf Coast Health Center serves its


community with a new EMR system GCHC needed a system with fl exibility that would allow for upgrades and expansion.

Streamline workfl ow From implementing a successful CPOE to using automation to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges, these six perspectives will help improve your processes.

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COLUMNS Viewpoint by Phil Colpas Thought Leaders: Workfl ow Management by Brenda Joslyn

DEPARTMENTS Industry Watch Products: Telemedicine Index of Advertisers


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August 2011 1 23 24

Giving the best care to your best patients Measuring patient perceptions and gauging loyalty are key.


We’ve got an app for that Using mobile technology to improve care management and drug adherence for at-risk patients.

TELEMEDICINE 26 A new telecommunications solution 28 31

enhances productivity and patient care Outdated system hampered productivity.

Telepsychiatry in the cloud Reaching rural communities in underserved markets.


What ICD-10 means for doctors The 2013 coding update may lead to revenue loss if physicians are not prepared.


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