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Products and Services

Enhanced security for HIEs The Care-

Align provider portal solution addresses the three As of se- curity and pri-

vacy: authenticate (validate identity of the user seeking access to data), authorize (determine user role as the framework for allowing access) and audit (trigger an examination of the system and all user activities, including data collection and audit reporting). The data is encrypted in transit, and each participant’s data is secured in its own database, with its own user authentication mechanism, to protect against unauthorized access and co-mingling of data from other participants. Informatics Corporation of America (ICA)

Tablets with perfect sigs

Wacom’s compact STU-520 (pictured), STU-500 and STU-300 tablets eliminate the ineffi ciencies associated with paper documents, such as copying, printing and scanning. Featuring Wacom’s pressure-sensitive, battery-free and cordless pen technol- ogy, durable tempered signing surface and integration with any type of com- puter and software, each STU model allows the capture of clear, true-to-life signatures with biometric capabilities, which increases effi ciency and saves on material costs. Wacom

Mobile Clinical Assistant

available with i3 processor The C5v Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) is now avail- able with the lower price point of the Intel Core i3 processor. The C5v is also available with a 30-GB solid-

state drive (SSD). From power adapt- ers to docking solutions and carrying cases, the new C5v option aims to fi t seamlessly into existing healthcare workfl ows. Motion Computing

SaaS-hosted records The Electronic File Solution (EFS) is a suite of hosted software services designed to help companies manage the storage, retrieval and retention of critical business records. The service can help organizations integrate long- term electronic records management into current business strategies and systems. A confi gurable administrative

dashboard enables users to manage and retrieve all records archived in EFS. Secure 24/7 Web access is part of the package, which couples with document management systems and consolidates documents from legacy systems. Complete paper-to-digital conversion and classifi cation services are available along with support for litigation holds and e-discovery. DST Systems

Are You Ready?

Ensuring You Pass 5010 Testing with Flying Colors— ClickON®

ClearView 5010. Technology That Fits: The Need To Comply

As a healthcare provider, a smooth transition to HIPAA’s new 5010 transaction standards is critical. Affecting everything from claims submission and the receipt of remittances to eligibility and claim status requests, it is imperative to be certain that your upgrades comply with new standards well in advance of the January 1, 2012 deadline.


ClearView 5010 is an affordable tool designed to expedite the coordination and testing of your ASC X12 5010 files. Both checking test files for HIPAA syntactical compliance and validating the data against payer specific rules, ClearView brings accuracy and efficiency to the entire testing process.

Effectively decrease the time spent on the 5010 transition and prevent any potential operational disruptions with ClearView 5010. Visit

Technology That Fits: Healthcare’s New Reality

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