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Rugged, convertible notebook computer The U12C lightweight convert- ible notebook transforms quickly and easily to a tablet PC, is drop and shock resistant and tested to stringent MIL-STD-810G require- ments. It features a spill-resistant design that protects the keyboard, touchpad, speakers and wireless and power switches. The unit comes with an Intel i5-540UM processor and Intel HM55 chipset. It has up to 8 GB of memory capacity, a 12.1- inch convertible TFT, LED backlit touch-screen display, high-defi nition stereo audio, 1.3

ible no and ea and sh stringe ments. design touchp and p com p

b high and WiFi comp and W

mega-pixe mega-pixel Web camera, and WLAN compatibility with optional Blu-

etooth capabilit .etooth capability GammaTech Computer Corporation Insurance verifi cation made easy

InSight Eligibility is a secure, Web-based eligibility and benefi t (E&B) verifi cation solution that de- termines the status of a pa- tient’s insurance eligibility within seconds. The simple, nearly instantaneous process provides a detailed account of a patient’s health cover- age using only the patient’s subscriber ID or name and date of birth, so users can say goodbye to verifying in- surance coverage by phone or by logging into multiple payer Web sites. This product maintains a complete history of every eligibility verifi cation check performed at a given facility via its comprehensive tracking and reporting database. Integrates with ClaimTrust InSight Medical Necessity. Craneware InSight (formerly ClaimTrust)


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 3.2 million new health care jobs by 2018—more than any other industry. Take advantage of that growth and help meet the challenges of a new health care environment with a Master of Science degree from University of Maryland University College (UMUC). You’ll gain the skills you need to take a leadership role in a variety of health care businesses and organizations.

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