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Your hospital’s going digital... Is your data center ready?

APC by Schneider Electric delivers integrated power and cooling solutions for 24/7 IT availability.

Today’s hospitals are digital hospitals. There’s no question about it. Today’s hospitals are going digital! As EHR, PACS, and CPOE/RFID systems become commonplace, data storage requirements are exploding. That means hospital IT has a tough job ahead making sure your facility can handle the power and cooling challenges that come with such massive digital integrations. After all, it’s up to IT to ensure 24/7 availability of all digital systems. In the interest of patient care, patient safety, and operational effi ciency, any downtime is simply unacceptable.

The digital heat wave sweeps over hospitals. To accom odate this digital wave, you probably are packing your racks with more and more equipment, driving up rack power densities. The result? Unprecedented heat levels, row by row. Meanwhile, virtualization is leading to more dynamic loads and shifting hot spots. How do you provide enough cooling exactly where it’s required for highest effi ciency and availability? APC by Schneider Electric™

m has the answer: InRow™ cooling.

Variable-speed fans target heat and improve effi ciency. InRow cooling units monitor the rack temperature to give you real-time information on where heat is hiding. As heat loads shift around the room, unique variable-speed fans automatically adjust to meet the demand. That’s called cooling in the right place, at the right time! As part of our total hybrid cooling solution, InRow is one of several cooling options to help you improve effi ciency, stave off overcooling, and, most important, avoid unplanned downtime.

Data Center Projects: System Planning

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An easy-to-deploy solution for small to medium data centers

Our InRow cooling units are an integral part of APC by Schneider Electric total InfraStruxure™


• It includes everything you need—from any-IT vendor- compatible enclosures to rack PDUs—to accommodate your hospital’s digital overhaul.

• As a scalable, modular architecture, InfraStruxure lets you roll out your data center as digital demand dictates—and as your budget allows!

• For added peace of mind, all of our physical infrastructure equipment features hot-swappable components to enable immediate recovery from unintentional downtime.

An integrated solution for large data centers

For larger data centers, we offer: • End-to-end solutions for power, cooling, security, rack systems, management, and services.

• An integrated approach for greater visibility and control from rack to row to room to building, ensuring maximum uptime and optimal energy and operational efficiencies.

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