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Products and Services Digital pens help with EHRs

Using Anoto technology, Datalytics has developed a digital pen and paper forms automation system that enables the healthcare industry to migrate to electronic records. The system collects information at the point of service by allowing the organiza- tion’s existing paper patient care forms to be converted and used as digital forms. Each user’s written pen strokes are uploaded elec-

a t t c o t f

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tronically to the provider’s computer system. Selected handwriting instantly becomes text entries in the database to support research, tracking and accountability. All stroke data remains encrypted throughout the workfl ow until it is decrypted by the Anoto Decryption Module (ADM). Datalytics, Anoto

t i ll t TVs exclusively for hospitals

TeleHealth Services and Samsung have created televisions specifi cally for hospitals. The 26- and 32-inch HD TVs, the Samsung LCD 458 Series, integrate hospital-specifi c features to provide education and enter- tainment solutions that optimize operational efficiency, promote patient satisfaction and improve sustainability. They also integrate

T t in t t o p s

T l H lth S

eleHealth Services’ proprietary TIGR inter- active patient education system, which makes an entire library of educational videos available on demand in hospital rooms. Both models of- fer bottom-fi ring speakers, four energy-saving modes that can reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent, USB autosensing side inputs and an interchangeable pillow speaker interface. TeleHealth Services, Samsung See TeleHealth Services at HIMSS11 booth #6769 Rugged clinical tablet PC

Military-grade, rugged design and touch- screen computing come to the healthcare environment with the introduction of the MT10L clinical tablet PC. This Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled device features a clipboard-style design and molded ergo- nomic handle; 10.4-inch high-res LCD display; weighs under three pounds; and is drop proof, spill proof, shock proof, dust


proof, and watertight. Other features include a two-megapixel camera, docking station, AC power connector, built-in RFID reader and a barcode reader. Hot-swappable twin battery packs provide up to eight hours of life. This device runs on Windows 7 Professional, Vista Business and XP Tablet Edition operating systems. GammaTech

Swiss army knife for Wi-Fi analysis

The Ekahau Mobile Survey is an enterprise- grade Wi-Fi toolkit that operates on mobile phones and tablets. The application is de- signed for monitoring, analyzing and trouble- shooting Wi-Fi networks in real time and is now available for Android-based smartphones and tablet computers. The software performs active and passive tests to determine if a Wi-Fi network is functional and meets the requirements for coverage and performance for different services, such as VoIP, video, data and real-time location tracking. It measures coverage, data rate, packet delay and packet loss. All alarms and errors are logged. This tool can also detect rogue access points. Ekahau See Ekahau Services at HIMSS11 booth #619

Accountable care solution The accountable care solution for healthcare provider and payer organizations addresses the needs of Medicare ACOs as described in the Medicare Shared Savings Program, Section 3022 of the Patient Protection and Afford- able Care Act, as well as commercial ACOs involving health plans. This solution features technology components common to both Medicare and commercial ACOs, including data aggregation, clinical data exchange, per- formance management and role-based secu- rity. A Web-based, hosted platform provides HIPAA compliance and role-based security along with ready access to information. All relevant data sets are covered, including in- patient claims, pharmacy, laboratory, ancillary, outpatient, demographic and membership data. MedeAnalytics

See MedeAnalytics at HIMSS11 booth #1145

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