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We began by involving employees in the decision- making process. Physicians participated in product demos and were part of the team that evaluated our fi nal choices during vendor selection. Even the steering com- mittee was made of members from every department within the hospital.

Dr. Paul E. LaCasse is president and CEO, Botsford Hospital. For more information on McKesson EMR solutions: For more information on ACS solutions:

And because it’s a long time between vendor selec- tion and actual big bang, we continue to keep our 2,300 employees involved with regular e-mail blasts to communicate progress and remind them of ben- efits. We even describe

challenges and solutions to keep perceptions from being more rumor than fact.

Progress to date Currently, we’ve completed much of the initial train- ing, and now we’re working with ACS and McKesson to design and confi gure the solution to meet end-user

needs. Paragon’s fl exibility allowed us to use our current formulary in our pharmacy and match it with the formu- lary utilized by Paragon’s computer physician-order-entry (CPOE) system. ACS and McKesson found a solution that enables us to develop order sets in a shorter amount of time, using our current tools. We’re working from a timeline and project plan provided by ACS’ project management offi ce. The group is led by a program director, project managers and consulting staff and has implemented many EMRs. This is a critical resource that keeps us on track. We’re also on track to meet our fi nancial goal for this

endeavor. While we anticipate productivity improve- ments, we expect to fund most of our investment with the healthcare stimulus money and meaningful-use dol- lars we’ll earn as a result of implementation. October 2011 seemed quite far off when we fi rst began this journey. Now that we’re 10 months out, I’m enthused by the progress made and excitement building from the staff. We will celebrate new effi ciency and bet- ter communication with each other and with our patients when the big bang comes to Botsford.



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