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Products and Services Self-service patient check-in

Phreesia automates the patient check-in process. Patients use the wireless, touch- screen, swipe-enabled PhreesiaPad to provide demographic, insurance and clinical information, as well as pay co- payments and balances. In addition to automating data entry for the front offi ce staff, electronic patient signatures are secured on all required HIPAA forms and real-time eligibility and benefi ts checks are conducted. Phreesia integrates into existing practice management and EHR systems. All hardware, software, installation, support and training is included in the system, which also features access to Phreesia’s online Practice Portal for designated employees and as many PhreesiaPads, routers and chargers as needed. Phreesia

Fully adjustable wireless cart

The Artromick line of mobile computing carts enables clinical documentation at POC by combining wireless technology with high- performance cart platforms. The NX15 Mobile Computing Workstation features an angle- adjust keyboard tray that provides comfortable use throughout the workday by permitting a negative, neutral or positive tilt. The cart’s new LED keyboard light gives complete illumination to the keyboard surface. To further enhance a personal fi t, there is an independent vertical- adjust column for the workstation monitor to accommodate the preferences of each clinician. Capsa Solutions

External hard drives to 2 TB

The Apollo line of external hard disk drives (EHDDs) features updated designs and next-generation software that automates and personalizes backup for up to 2 terabytes (TB) of data. The portfolio’s fl agship drive, the Apollo Expert D300, employs USB 3.0 technology to move data up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0-based drives. Available in 500-GB, 1-TB and 2-TB capacities, the Expert D300 delivers high-speed data backup and protection capabilities using ArcSoft TotalMedia Backup software. The drive features a brushed silver industrial design and can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Imation

28 November 2010 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Meaningful-use eligibility

The Sage Intergy Meaningful Use Edition features the components required for physi- cians to be eligible for federal electronic health records (EHR) incentives. Sage Intergy is a synergistic clinical, fi nancial and administra- tive solution that includes integrated practice management, electronic health records, clini- cal and business intelligence and tools for on- line patient engagement. Providers can access Sage Intergy from multiple practice locations, from home or other remote locations, either through a central patient database server or as a Sage-hosted solution on a monthly sub- scription basis. MU dashboards are used by providers and practices to track performance against clinical quality measures included in meaningful-use guidelines. Sage Healthcare Division

Head off medical data breaches According to the Identity Theft Resource

Center, there have been nearly 120 medical/ healthcare data breaches to date in 2010. Government regulations, such as HITECH and HIPAA, require healthcare companies to follow strict new privacy and security practices. Data Breach Advance Response provides a data-breach preparedness plan. When hospitals take action to comply with notifi cation requirements, they also can pro- vide proven identity-theft protection to those impacted. Plan features include call center support and consumer notifi cation services. SearchAmerica

Combine EMR, claims, med data ActiveHealth Management’s Collaborative

Care Solution is a clinical decision-support system that combines information from EMRs, claims, medication and lab data with ActiveHealth’s evidence-based clinical decision-support CareEngine and delivers it through an IBM cloud-computing platform. The system will enable the coordination of patient care among teams, so doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, aides, therapists and pharmacists can access, share and address information about patients from a single source. Healthcare organizations have access to tools and services for one fi xed monthly fee. ActiveHealth Management

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