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Document management also helps reduce the risk of a possible malpractice suit, she says. If a provider fi nds itself involved in a lawsuit, it will need precise notes and all of the necessary fi les for its case.

An added benefit of finding the right document- management system is fi nd- ing one that

can support all current document types and be integrated with the organization’s current practice- management system. ChoiceCare uses McKesson’s Practice Point Manager. Stawiarski says that with CabinetNG’s Synchronizer prod- uct, a new patient folder is auto- matically created in CNG-SAFE when a patient is entered into their practice-management system. “This process is very valuable for making sure that any changes we make with our patient data, such as a phone number or home address, are automatically updated,” she says. “CNG-SAFE gives the user direct access to the documents they need without ever leaving the main application.”

Stawiarski adds she can also access patient information by do- ing keyword or full-text searches when she needs to run reports, or see if there is a recall on certain medications.

Another key feature is in-your- face notifi cation for when there are similar fi les, such as having several patients with the same name. The system supports a reference index so an organization can cross refer- ence with a second value, such as date of birth, Social Security num- ber or another unique identifi er. The system automatically displays this reference to determine if it is the correct patient.

ChoiceCare is planning to inte- grate CNG-Books, a QuickBooks interface from Cabinet NG that

streamlines QuickBooks data entry and document fi ling into one consistent and effi cient electronic pro- cess. Also, with the government having incentives for EHR and penalties for e-prescribing, ChoiceCare will be considering implementation of another medical- record program. Stawiarski says whichever EHR com- pany they choose, it will have to be able to interface with CNG.


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