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Health Management
Healthcare Information Systems Solutions since 1980

President A. Verner Nelson

Publisher/ Ken Anderberg
The pain of change
Editorial Director

Managing Editor Phil Colpas
By Ken Anderberg, Publisher/Editorial Director
(941) 966-9521 ext. 124

hanging an organization’s processes usually is a diffi cult task.
People are used to the way “things have always been done” and Emma McFarland

often are reluctant to try something new – such as accepting
Daniel Curtis Byrd
technology solutions they are unfamiliar with. It’s called “hu-

REVISED PDF man nature” and a not-unexpected response when the subject of electronic
Midwest/Northeast Garry Garner
(816) 941-0443
medical records (EMR) is broached.
(816) 941-2441 Fax
Staunch objections to EMRs generally have centered on either lost pro-

ductivity or costs, mostly the latter. The HITECH Act addresses the cost
South/Southwest/West Vincent Catena
941-966-9521 ext. 137
issue by providing billions of dollars for electronic records implementa-
941-966-2590 Fax
tions, but getting $44,000 back from the feds for a system that might cost
a physician’s offi ce $150,000 does not necessarily create strong demand to
move from paper to electronic records. Now, however, a number of EMR
VP Operations John Harkola
vendors and several large hospital systems are lending a hand.
Circulation Manager David Welsher
List Rentals/Single Back Rosemarie Chiaramonte
Vendors are offering delayed fi nancing, or loans, Issues/Subscriptions (941) 966-9521 ext. 136
that do not have to be repaid until fed money starts
Reprints Mary Hall
fl owing next year. Some hospitals are basically match-
(941) 966-9521 ext. 105
ing the federal stimulus money for their physicians.
Ad Contracts Manager Laura Moulton
Regulations allow hospitals to subsidize the cost of their Ad Traffi c Manager Kathleen Shook
physicians’ EMR systems – but those physicians must
pay 15 percent of the cost under Medicare rules. EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD
A new report from healthcare market-research pub- CareGroup John D. Halamka, M.D., CIO
lisher Kalorama Information contends that vendors and
Healthcare System,
Harvard Medical School,
hospitals need to step up, as they are doing, in order to
Chair of HITSP
Cleveland Clinic C. Martin Harris, M.D., CIO
bring momentum to this technological shift.
Elsevier Jonathan Teich, M.D., CMIO
Senior VP Finance, Chrissy Yamada, CFO
“A body at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an Evergreen Healthcare
outside force,” says Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information.
Clinical Systems Manager, Pamela Shedd, RN

Springhill Medical Center
“Hospitals and large health systems will need to have parallel incentives
New Mexico Bob Mayer, CIO
Department of Health

in order for the EMR concept to happen in a meaningful way. Covisint David Miller, CSO
“The announcement of government incentives of up to $18,000 in

increased Medicare payments to doctors for the meaningful use of EMR
has created interest,” Carlson says. “But these incentives represent future
2500 Tamiami Trail North Nokomis, FL 34275

payouts for EMR systems that physicians have to pay for today, at a time
(941) 966-9521 Fax: (941) 966-2590
when patients are paying bills slower, expenses are up and some physi-
Health Management Technology is also available on microfilm/fiche from

cians are laying off staff.”
PROQUEST Information and Learning, 300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 USA,
(313) 761-4700. Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (978) 750-8400.
He cites North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in New York
Publishers of this magazine assume no responsibility for statements made by their
advertisers in business competition, nor do they assume responsibility for state-
as an example of a hospital system offering subsidies to its affi liated phy-
ments/opinions expressed or implied in the columns of this magazine.
sicians who implement EMR systems – in this case up to $40,000 over
Printed in the USA.
fi ve years. Tufts Medical Center and Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston also
have their own EMR incentive programs.
4770). Published monthly by Nelson Publishing, Inc., 2500
Tamiami Trail North, Nokomis, FL 34275 (941) 966-9521.
“Vendor actions also are piggybacking off government incentives, en- Subscription rates: $96 per year in the United States; $118
Nelson Publishing
hancing their effect,” he adds. Offering “stimulus guarantees,” he says,
Canada/Mexico; International subscriptions are $173 per
year (surface) and $293 per year (airmail). Current single
2500 Tamiami Tr N
where the customer is assured the system will earn stimulus incentives
copies (if available) are $14 each (U.S), and $18 each
(international). Back issues (if available) are $16 each (U.S.)
Nokomis, FL 34275
from CMS, has garnered interest. Athenahealth, ChartLogic, e-MDs and
and $20 each (International). Payment must be made in U.S.
funds on a branch of a U.S. bank within the continental
GE Healthcare are among vendors who have adopted some form of this United States and accompany request. Subscription inquiries:
registered U.S. Patent Offi ce. Copyright© 2010 by
Looks like there is a lot of fi nancial
Nelson Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this
publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form
incentive out there to take the leap. or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,
Are you ready?
recording, or any information storage-and-retrieval system,
without permission in writing from the publisher.
Offi ce of publication: Periodicals Postage Paid at Nokomis,
FL 34275 and at additional mailing offi ces. Postmaster: Send
address changes to Health Management Technology,
2500 Tamiami Trail North, Nokomis, FL 34275-3482.
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