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Medical center

balances network needs

Grove Hill’s new cabling infrastructure supports both

its bandwidth and fl exibility needs in a single solution.
common dilemma for IT professionals is se-
lecting a network infrastructure that can offer
future-proof support of the organization’s
most bandwidth-intensive applications and
users without over compensating for less speed-critical
connectivity needs. A healthcare organization could
install multiple channels of varying cable types and
performance levels or, as Connecticut-based Grove Hill
Medical Center did – choose a single cabling solution.
Grove Hill Medical Center offers services ranging
from routine check-ups to the latest diagnostic imaging.
Home to more than 70 physicians, Grove Hill covers
19 medical specialties, including cardiology, oncology,
orthopedics and radiology, as well as housing administra-
tive and patient-service offi ces. When Grove Hill began
the upgrade to its network cabling infrastructure, it did
so with a wide range of network applications, users and
Carl Labbadia, Grove Hill Medical Center’s IT director,
had to deal with critical and secure transmissions like patient
challenges in mind.
information and diagnostic data. Network performance
Like any facility dealing with critical and secure trans-
was a primary concern.

missions, such as patient information and diagnostic data,
network performance was a primary concern. Beyond cabling channels to deliver additional services to expand

just current needs, Grove Hill was focused on supporting staff capabilities and improve patient experience,” ex-
future performance requirements. plains Labbadia. “This could be a new phone or video

SHOWLINE “Just fi ve years ago, from our radiology department, feed in a patient room, a data connection in a treatment
we might transfer 10-12 DICOM radiology images per room so that a physician can review treatment options on

day,” says Carl Labbadia, IT director. “Now, we process a laptop, or just a new printer at the front desk. Running a

150-200 per day and those fi les are getting exponentially new channel every time was not only time consuming and
bigger with better imaging technology. Today’s 16-slice disruptive, it made effi cient infrastructure management
CAT scan can generate a 2,000-image, 2-gigabit fi le and pretty challenging and had the potential to overwhelm
tomorrow’s will only grow. Network speed and band- our pathways.”
width are critical to real-time transfer and analysis in
the medical fi eld and the cabling needs to be ready to High-speed cabling selected
support it.” Ideally, Grove Hill’s cabling infrastructure would
Nelson Publishing
While the bandwidth-intensive diagnostic applications support both its bandwidth and fl exibility needs in a
posed a performance challenge, the equally important single solution. It was able to achieve this with Siemon’s
2500 Tamiami Tr N
administrative offi ce and patient room connectivity sup- Category 7a TERA cabling solution.
Nokomis, FL 34275
plied their own set of considerations. At Grove Hill’s Offering bandwidth of 1,000 MHz, the Category 7a
current levels, these areas and applications do not require solution more than met Grove Hill’s current diagnostic-
the bandwidth supplied to the imaging facilities. Instead, imaging requirements. It supports speeds in excess of 10
fl exibility was the prime concern. gigabits per second, while providing additional headroom
“In an internal study, we found that 25 percent of our for future advancements. Category 7a utilizes fully
four network technicians’ time was spent running new shielded cable, known as S/FTP, in which each individual
HHMT1002 Siemon FINAL.indd 36MT1002 Siemon FINAL.indd 36 11/25/2010 2:20:53 PM/25/2010 2:20:53 PM
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