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Computer Physician Order Entry


Standardize order

sets for improved care

Healthcare system replaces time-consuming review process with a content-management

system for developing and maintaining evidence-based order sets.
n the spring of 2008, Aurora Health Care experi- support clinicians with evidence-based decision tools.
enced tremendous growth and was set to launch “Given the time commitment and diffi culty in meeting
two healthcare facilities. The creation, adoption and at one location, most clinicians at Aurora did not partici-
maintenance of clinical order sets within the hospi- pate in the all-day process to review clinical order sets,”
tals and clinics at Aurora was time consuming and inef- explains David Smith, M.D., medical director of care
fi cient. The process for summarizing
clinical evidence, creating, reviewing
and standardizing order sets, particu-
larly in reaching a consensus among
the physicians, was slow.
“The review process required
many of the clinicians to drive for
hours to meet at a central location
between Wisconsin and Illinois,” says
Michael Gorczynski, D.O., direc-
tor of medical informatics. “Other
clinicians unable to join in person
participated by teleconference. The
healthcare providers might then

be required to attend a series of
meetings, reviewing the order sets,

incorporating changes to refl ect the
latest clinical research, and coming

SHOWLINE to consensus on a fi nal system-wide
order set. This process would then

need to repeat itself periodically to

incorporate the more-recent clinical-
research data at a later date.”
Aurora Health Care is a not-for-
Physicians and other clinicians across Aurora’s wide network can share order sets
and give their input online. They also can review the clinical evidence supporting
profi t integrated healthcare system
their decision in the process.
that includes 13 acute-care facili-
ties, more than 100 medical group sites, home healthcare management at Aurora Health Care. “We recognized we
and pharmacies located in more than 90 communities had to streamline the review process to increase physician
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in eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Aurora of- participation to incorporate more input and feedback from
fers inpatient care at 12 acute-care hospitals and one the clinicians who were using it on the hospital fl oors.
2500 Tamiami Tr N
psychiatric hospital. “They knew this would increase the likelihood of
Nokomis, FL 34275
Two of the 13 medical centers have had computerized adoption into the work fl ow, while ensuring that provid-
physician order entry (CPOE) in place since 2005. Au- ers had access to the latest, evidence-based best practices
rora also has a well-developed care-management/quality built into their CPOE,” he adds. In the summer of 2008,
division that is responsible for setting the agenda for qual- Aurora began examining the process of reviewing and
ity across the system. This part of the organization leads maintaining order sets across the integrated delivery
the effort to create system-wide order set content to system to streamline the procedure.
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