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siology addressed the core percent, Gerwitz and the clinical team projected positive

For more information on
issues of revenue capture in return on investment with the automated cabinets.
Omnicell solutions:
the OR – medication secu- ECMC went live with Omnicell 10 anesthesia cabi-
rity, enhanced patient safety nets in each OR suite. According to Gerwitz, the team
and accurate billing – while also providing a teaching decided early on to standardize the medications stocked
environment for the anesthesiology residents. in each cart, which eased the training and implementa-
Gerwitz also recognized an opportunity to assist the tion process.

anesthesiologists in meeting a goal

established by the Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid – the Sur-

gical Care Improvement Project.
This quality-improvement project
includes proper presurgical anti-
biotic administration. Antibiotics
securely stored at the point of
care ensured the anesthesiologists
could reliably and conveniently
administer the mediations within
the established time frames.
A clinical team was assembled
to select a vendor and to begin the
In The RAC Game,
work-fl ow and fi nancial analysis.
ECMC had a relationship with The Best Offense
one of the vendors, Omnicell,
Is A Good Defense.
and a proven interface between
that supplier and the hospital
information-management system.
The clinical team determined that
automated-dispensing cabinets on
the market had similar capabilities
and storage capacities, and recom-
mended expanding Omnicell’s
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product line to include the anes-
(Recovery Audit Defense system). ]
thesia cabinets.
“We decided to tackle billing
in outpatient procedures, which

made up over 50 percent of the
Everyone knows Recovery Audit medical records, patient finance
caseload,” explains Gerwitz.

Contractors are on the offensive. and compliance departments; and
While most inpatient surgi-
When their audit letter arrives, will generate alerts for complete, timely
you be prepared to defend your RAC responses.

cal case costs are included in
the diagnostically related group
claims? Can you do so before their With RADs, you can minimize
deadlines pass and fines and penal- the time your staff spends on this
(DRG) payment, outpatient
ties are assessed? Can you really non revenue-generating task. Plus,
cases may allow for additional afford to divert billing staff to deal keep the dollars you so rightly
payment for medications. As a
with RAC responses? With ClickON
deserve through well-timed and
disproportionate-share hospital,

, the answer to all three comprehensive responses.
ECMC is eligible for discounted
questions is a resounding “yes.” Visit
SSI has designed a powerful tool to discover more Nelson Publishing
drug pricing for medications ad-
that helps you accept RAC intelligent solutions
ministered to outpatients under
2500 Tamiami Tr N
requests; collect and attach the from SSI, healthcare’s
the 340B program. Detailed audit
necessary documentation from EDI innovator. Nokomis, FL 34275
trials, driven by billing data, are
HIMSS Booth No. 7755
required to purchase drugs under
1.800.881.2739 •
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Assuming an increase in charg-
es captured from 15 percent to 90 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY February 2010 33
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