ATLANTA – Oct. 12, 2011 — The Department of Pathology at the Medical City Dallas Hospital(MCD) in Texas has selected McKesson’s Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) to help optimizereimbursements and boost financial performance across the enterprise. The largest provider of outsourcedpathology billing in the state of Texas, McKesson RMS will help MCD drive efficiencies across therevenue cycle, enhance business decisions with more robust enterprise intelligence and negotiate morestrategic agreements with local payers.

With the increasing likelihood of government audits, MCD also will use RMS’s coding andcompliance expertise to stay abreast of the latest regulatory requirements. With more oversight of thecoding process, the four-physician group expects to improve coding accuracy rates, increase cashcollections and mitigate regulatory risk.

“We need a billing partner with the resources and expertise to help us navigate the complexfinancial and regulatory challenges facing pathologists,” said Dr. Les Walters, M.D., medical director ofMCD Pathology. “In addition to its proven record of working with other practices, McKesson RMS has adeep knowledge of the Texas market and payer community.”

MCD’s clinical and financial decisions will be enhanced with web-based business intelligenceand reporting tools, which are designed to enable real-time analysis of financial data down to the patientlevel. Practice leaders will have immediate access to data on the group’s performance, including accountsreceivables, staff productivity and profitability. In addition, MCD will use RMS’s expertise to support itsnegotiation of financial, strategic and administrative matters in its contracts with payers.

“The RMS team is working with us not only to improve our day-to-day business processes butalso to help us develop strategies to protect the financial health of our organization over the long-term,”Walters added.

McKesson RMS is the leading provider of medical billing and revenue management services andis supported by a team of more than 4,000 experienced revenue cycle professionals. RMS is the largestprovider of outsourced pathology billing in Texas, serving 54 practices that performed nearly 13 millionprocedures in 2010. The services are designed to help pathology groups increase revenue, control costsand minimize compliance risk.

“Like other physician specialties, pathology practices are under pressure to find new ways tostreamline operations and increase their revenues,” said Pat Leonard, senior vice president and generalmanager, McKesson Revenue Management Solutions. “With nationwide resources and strong localrelationships, we’re well positioned to help organizations like MCD achieve their goals and realizesustained growth.”