June 25, 2013 – Today, Infosys released insights from its Engaging with Digital Consumers survey, the first major global study to shed significant light on the wide disconnect between digitally aware consumers and the businesses that serve them.

In healthcare, Infosys tested a number of different value propositions as they relate to the use of data, along with consumers’ comfort with and frequency of information sharing. The survey revealed unease consumers have with sharing private information with their healthcare providers.


  • 92% of consumers favor physicians being armed with electronic information about patients.
  • 80% are confident their doctor’s office has the right security in place to protect their personal medical information however healthcare organizations need to educate consumers on data use in the digital world –how their personal electronic information, such as medical history, will be secure and private, as care gets coordinated among a network of physicians, labs, hospitals and health insurers.
  • Consumers are selective in sharing healthcare information, they want physicians to be armed with electronic patient information, but have distinct preferences on what they will share and how. They are less willing to share medical history, diet and exercise information that may seem crucial to receive personalized care and treatment plans. Fewer than 60% are willing to share personal medical history (58%), family medical history (56%) and diet or physical activity (51%) to receive a personalized experience.
  • Healthcare lags behind retail and banking, as majority of consumer interactions are still face-to-face while retailers and banks are further along in interacting online. While 98% are comfortable sharing personal information with their doctor’s office in person, over two-thirds will do so online (77%) or on mobile devices (66%). One in four consumers is not able to share information online or via mobile.


Americans will allow access to personal data for clear benefits, says Infosys...
By: HMT Mag
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