“The American Medical Association (AMA) supports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new effort to regulate additional tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, cigars, and hookahs. Over the years, we have proudly supported anti-tobacco effortsPDF FIle to improve public health, and have long advocated for the FDA to extend its tobacco regulations to include these products to deter the sale of tobacco to minors.

“The FDA's efforts are a notable and important step to improve public health. The AMA also strongly encourages further study of the factors that contribute to the widespread use of these tobacco products and appeal among minors and others, so we can continue to drive down use of these products to prevent the negative health effects of nicotine.Improving the health of the nation is a top priority for the AMA and we will continue to advocate for policies that help reduce the burden of preventable diseases like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, which can both be linked to smoking.” 

Statement attributed to:
Ardis Dee Hoven, M.D.
President, American Medical Association

AMA supports FDA's efforts to regulate e-cigarettes, other tobacco products
By: HMT Mag
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