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"Big Data"

Analyzing Big Data security

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large,
Analyzing Big Data security measures

Other Tags:  HIPAA 

Overview of Big Data breach risks

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large, May, 2014
Big Data breaches: Are you at risk?

Other Tags:  HIPAA 

Big Data becoming a mined-over matter

pointer By Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large, May, 2014
An overview of responses to questions relative to Big Data breaches.

Other Tags:  HMT Think Tank 

Incorporating analytics into EMRs

pointer By Dan Hogan, May, 2014
Pushes for quality care are inspiring a deeper delving into analytics.

Other Tags:  Analytics 

Stewards of our own healthcare

pointer By Delia Vetter, August, 2013
Growth of Web-based health records offers enormous benefits to consumers.

Other Tags: None.

Impacts of big data

pointer By Bill Hamilton, August, 2013
Potential is huge, so are challenges.

Other Tags:  Data Storage / Data Management