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Virtual Reality: What does the future hold?

I had a lot of fun trying VR headsets at various conferences. Admittedly, they make me “geek out” a little every time I wear one, simply because it’s such a unique experience. VR is a nerd’s dream, and packaging the goggles with video games is a no brainer. I can speak from experience in saying that it’s a totally new way to play games, which is something a lot of people enjoy doing. But, VR isn’t limited to gaming. Over the last couple of years...

HMT News

Hackers disrupt Internet service of major websites with multiple attacks

Cyberattacks on server farms of a key internet firm repeatedly disrupted access to major websites and online services including Twitter, Netflix and...

AT&T clinches $85-billion deal for Time Warner to create entertainment powerhouse

AT&T has reached a deal to buy Time Warner Inc. for $85.4 billion -- a blockbuster marriage that would transform the telephone company into the...

Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging signs on to RSNA Image Sharing Validation Program

Agfa HealthCare recently signed on as a pilot vendor for the Radiology Society of North America's (RSNA) Image Share Validation Program, a conformity assessment program that is...

ER use stays high in Oregon Medicaid study

Will Medicaid expansion save the country money as people stop using expensive emergency rooms for primary care? Not yet, suggest the latest findings from a...


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HMT October 24, 2016 newsletter: Massive cyberattack using home devices, AT&T to buy Time Warner, ER overuse, Artificial intelligence doctor
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HMT October 21, 2016 newsletter: EHNAC and HITRUST collaborate, Google slashes cloud costs, Apple product fakes, AI in healthcare, RTLS
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HMT October 20, 2016 newsletter: IT revolution in healthcare, Vulnerable devices, HIM professionals improve outcomes, Fix crazy health system
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HMT October 19, 2016 newsletter: More from AHIMA, Computer interface allows paralyzed man to feel
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HMT October 18, 2016 newsletter: Announcements and releases from the AHIMA show floor
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Living Case Studies

Entry 4: Visualization improves workflow, referral numbers

When someone would call out “code purple” over the loudspeaker at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, OK, the staff would mobilize. They would...

October Magazine Articles

Virtual Reality: Coming to a hospital near you

The concept of virtual reality (VR) dates back to a 1935 short story by Stanley G. Weinbaum, where goggles placed over the head transport...

A virtual calming force

  In the inner city of Chicago, some of America’s poorest communities struggle with the basics. Food and shelter are necessities that seem like luxuries,...

Innovative image sharing

As the adoption of EHRs begins to plateau in terms of widespread acceptance, the imaging sector is ripe for innovation. Cybersecurity risks, the need...

Enterprise imaging: The next big step toward interoperability

“Clinical imaging” used to mean whatever technologies radiology was using and some miscellaneous diagnostics a few other specialties implemented. That is not the case...

Deploying the next generation of standards

Executives and IT managers at healthcare facilities across the country – along with suppliers of health IT systems – agree that interoperability is critically...

Interoperability: The first step in paving the way to comprehensive patient...

More robust information sharing and analytics leads to enhanced care delivery and outcomes. This is the premise building momentum for healthcare interoperability, and it’s...

Better serve your populations

Population health analytics is the hot new tool for hospitals, and there are many variations available. Some can really help you identify patients at...

Communication breakdown

Big business is officially obsessed with big data. According to a new survey of Fortune 1000 C-suite executives conducted by NewVantage Partners, 63 percent...