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Medical center pays $2.75M penalty for missing laptop

Officials at the University of Mississippi Medical Center said Friday they have paid a $2.75 million penalty to....

Healthcare organizations 114 times more likely to be ransomware victims than financial firms

Health care organizations were 114 times more likely to hit by ransomware infections than financial firms, and...

Transforming the health information management profession

Companies and professions that are reticent or slow to change can lose their way and even...

Obama administration pushes to change Medicare payments for heart attacks

The Obama administration is pushing forward with moves to transform how Medicare pays for care, announcing a...


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HMT July 26, 2016 newsletter: Medical center pays $2.75M for missing laptop, CMS pushing Medicare changes for heart attacks
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HMT July 25, 2016 newsletter: Yahoo! Sells core business to Verizon; Olympus told U.S. execs no warning needed, despite contamination
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HMT July 22, 2016 newsletter: U.S. sues to block insurance mergers, Snowden designs case to show when phone data is vulnerable
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HMT July 21, 2016 newsletter: Study: Most insurers lost money from ACA, France orders Microsoft to limit data collection
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Living Case Studies

Entry 4: Visualization improves workflow, referral numbers

When someone would call out “code purple” over the loudspeaker at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, OK, the staff would mobilize. They would...

July/August Magazine Articles

How docs get into the tech game

Who are the innovators in the healthcare tech space? We often hear from vendors, business executives who market products to solve the myriad of...

Revenue integrity: A better reimbursement strategy

Let’s face it: Provider reimbursement continues to increase in complexity. While it is fair to say that a certain amount of missed revenue has...

Look to tech to solve billing errors

If you have been in healthcare for more than 10 years, you may remember there was a time when there were no EHRs. There...

Empowering patients to pay

Collecting patient payments isn’t a new or unique challenge for physician practices, and Central Maine Orthopaedics, Auburn, with 15 physicians who provide orthopaedic surgery,...

Four top trends in the RCM environment

In today’s shifting healthcare landscape, government regulation, consumerism, and the increase in value-based payment models are driving a need for more sophisticated technology adoption...

Meeting the challenges of a value-based world

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is central to the success of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other value-based healthcare models. Completely and accurately capturing and...

ACOs move from infancy to adolescence

As the country’s healthcare system continues to move away from fee-for-service and toward value-based care, population health-focused alternative care models such as accountable care...

Head off the unexpected

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law 20 years ago this summer. You would think that by now everyone would have...