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Analyzing Big Data security

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large,
Analyzing Big Data security measures

Other Tags:  HIPAA 

Overview of Big Data breach risks

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large, May, 2014
Big Data breaches: Are you at risk?

Other Tags:  HIPAA 

The mobile-medical conundrum: Does convenience trump security?

pointer By Moti Rafalin, May, 2014
As doctors and hospital staff use more mobile devices, including those they bring in to work themselves, how can IT protect the highly personal medical data housed within the organization?

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Positive patient identification begins at step one

pointer By Ben Cunningham, DYMO, December, 2012
Affordable, high-resolution, dedicated ID card image scanners allow medical practices to start positive patient identification (PPID) at the point of registration.

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Palm scanners enhance patient safety

pointer By Neil Hansen, August, 2012
Iowa's Broadlawns Medical Center integrated a palm vein-scanning system with its registration process, making it more secure and efficient.

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