Secure your email

With the release of GoAnywhere Services 2.8, users can send Secure Mail from their Microsoft Outlook 2010 email accounts thanks to a new Outlook plug-in. The Secure Mail module allows employees to send files, regardless of size, to one or more recipients using a combination of email (for notifications) and HTTPS protocol (for file retrieval). Recipients simply click an encrypted HTTPS link within the email notification to securely download the file(s). Senders can add password protection. Linoma Software

Create a data protection ‘survival kit’

The EMC Data Protection Suite delivers data protection services to support virtual and physical environments and tight integration with EMC’s purpose-built back-up appliances, creating an a-la-carte data protection-as-a-service operations model. Users can migrate infrastructures to meet evolving back-up and recovery, archiving and disaster-recovery requirements. This offering combines the value of solutions such as EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker, EMC Data Domain BOOST, EMC Data Protection Advisor and EMC SourceOne. EMC




Secure info exchange for providers

ZirMed Clinical Link harnesses the power of ZirMed’s connected network of healthcare providers to facilitate secure provider-to-provider communications from any EMR or information management system via ZirMed’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. This HIPAA-compliant, Web-based platform enables authenticated users to invite their referral network to join the secure network and easily exchange information. Users enjoy secure messaging and can transfer administrative and vital clinical information via structured or unstructured data as attachments. ZirMed



Privacy screens for Apple devices

3M re-attachable privacy filters for tablets and smartphones provide adaptable screen protection to prevent wandering eyes from snooping on confidential or personal information. Available for Apple iPad, iPad mini and iPhone, these direct-view protectors are easily attached and removed. All filters offer privacy when viewed from both a landscape and portrait orientation. Protectors are also available for many other brands of tablets and phones. 3M





Security with a single look

Stanley Security Solutions has partnered with EyeLock Inc. to bring iris identity authentication to healthcare environments. The EyeLock EyeSwipe-Nano TS turnstile solution provides real-time iris capture at a distance and in motion. The system is an ideal replacement for card-based solutions and can control access to secured entrances, server rooms and any other physical space. The device is powerful and compact enough to secure high-value transactions, critical databases, network workstations and any other information system. Stanley Security Solutions






Manage your data center holistically

StruxureWare for Data Centers v2.0 is an integrated suite of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software engineered to manage data center power, cooling and security across multiple domains. This solution is designed to provide new levels of insight to C-suite executives by breaking down barriers between IT, facility and executive stakeholders. The goal is to find an ideal balance of high availability and peak energy efficiency throughout the entire data center lifecycle by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs). APC by Schneider Electric

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