GE Healthcare X-ray application specialists
Steve Miyoshi (l.) and Rob Lowery man the
Definium AMX 700 mobile X-ray unit at the
Tostitos BCS National Championship Game.

GE mobile, digital X-ray and portable ultrasound units were behind the scenes Jan. 10 at the Tostitos Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship Game at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The Definium AMX 700, a small and agile X-ray unit capable of delivering the image quality of a full-size stationary system, was used on four different athletes during and after the game for elbow, ankle, finger and back injuries. A handheld ultrasound device called Vscan was available in case there were any cardiac injuries or concerns. The LOGIQ e portable ultrasound machine, which is being used increasingly in musculoskeletal applications for real-time evaluation of joint and soft tissue disorders, was also at the ready. This marked the first time compact ultrasound technology was available on-site at a BCS game.

“This equipment allows us to get immediate results for players that are injured,” says Patrick Anderson, radiology technologist for the Tostitos BCS championship game. “The physicians are able to evaluate on the spot, give the players immediate results and determine if they can go back on the field soon or get them treatment should they need it.”

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