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Products and Services

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   December 2012

Smart cabinets promote accountability


Hospitals can gain a powerful tool for managing expensive physician preference items (PPIs) such as stents, pacemakers, implants and orthopedic supplies by using McKesson radio frequency identification (RFID) cabinets to automate inventory control. A nurse can simply scan a badge, select the correct patient case with needed supplies and then go on rounds. The cabinet does the rest. Its built-in, low-touch technology automatically captures the supply data and updates the clinical case and inventory. Visit McKesson










Clinical communications made easy


PerfectServe has launched a new patient-centered routing feature for its PerfectServe platform that makes it easy for hospital staff to contact the correct physician caring for a given patient, at any moment in time, just by knowing the patient’s name. Using either the EMR or PerfectServe’s patient assignment application, physicians can easily enable communication processes that filter interactions based upon patient identity. Hospital staff can access PerfectServe over the phone, the Web or mobile app. Visit PerfectServe











Meet HIPAA security requirements

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has unveiled a comprehensive cloud and data center infrastructure portfolio specifically designed to help the healthcare industry meet HIPAA requirements for safeguarding electronic protected health information (ePHI). The healthcare-enabled services, which include secure ePHI storage in Verizon’s Terremark data centers, are: Colocation, Managed Hosting, Enterprise Cloud, Enterprise Cloud Express Edition and Enterprise Cloud Private Edition. With the cloud, healthcare professionals can collaborate, share patient information in near real time and store large volumes of data for EHRs and radiology images. Visit Verizon



Read 1D and 2D barcodes


The compact, lightweight and ergonomic AT20Q handheld scanner offers high-speed scanning of both 2D barcodes (such as QR codes) and conventional 1D barcodes. The device also provides trouble-free scanning of wide barcodes, such as those used for medical bills. This unit features a high-speed shutter that eliminates the effect of camera shake and allows quick reading from any direction. Antimicrobial materials are incorporated directly into the unit’s housing. Visit DENSO ADC





Multitasking access control module


The CyberLock Flex System Keyport is part of a sophisticated access control system designed to increase security, track and control access, and improve key control throughout a facility. The weatherized Keyport module is a component of the Flex System, an expansion platform that brings all of the benefits of a wired access-control solution to the key-centric CyberLock system. This solution can serve as both a CyberLock audit-trail information gatherer and a Flex System input device tied to alarms, lights or cameras. Visit Videx





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