Louisville, KY – Sept 4, 2013 – ZirMed, a leading health information connectivity and management solutions company, today announced a partnership with EHR Integration Services, an innovative group of consultants that help transform complex data integration issues into clinical and operational workflow improvements, to provide Allscripts and GE Healthcare customers with seamless integration into ZirMed’s revenue cycle management, clinical communications and analytics solutions.

This partnership will enable Allscripts PM and GE Centricity Group Management users to leverage the full range of functionality available through ZirMed’s advanced network and platform. In addition to conducting eligibility, claims, remits, print and online billing via ZirMed’s solutions, Allscripts PM and GE Centricity Group Management technology customers will also have seamless access to the following ZirMed solutions:

•    PatientNotebook – a portal that enables secure messaging between providers and patients, manages statements, supports online credit/debit card payments, and keeps information up-to-date
•    ZPay Collect – a virtual terminal that allows for fast and easy in-office collections, with support for all forms of payment
•    Clinical Link – a HIPAA-compliant communications platform that enables providers using any EHR or practice management system to share referrals and clinical information electronically

“We have a great deal of experience in practice management system integrations, particularly with Allscripts and GE applications and are excited to partner with ZirMed because their growing set of solutions and capabilities matches the needs of these client communities. By integrating valued solutions into existing workflows, users will be able to get the most value out of ZirMed’s network and platform,” said Craig Luce, President, EHR Integration Services. “Ultimately this integration will improve care delivery and save provider organizations precious time and resources.”

This partnership enables ZirMed’s solutions to be completely embedded into Allscripts PM and GE Centricity Group Management workflows, granting users— which include both small and large medical practices, academic medical centers, hospitals and health systems, integrated delivery networks, and billing companies— seamless access to ZirMed’s solutions. EHR Integration Services will integrate ZirMed’s robust technology with Allscripts’ PM and GE’s Centricity Group Management and EHR systems in a customized environment, allowing for quick and easy access to enhanced capabilities.

“We are seeing tremendous demand from EHR and practice management users to leverage our solutions, like our new Patient Estimation and Patient Notebook tools, in a way that is integrated into existing workflows,” said Tom Butts, CEO, ZirMed. “EHR Integration Services has in-depth knowledge of Allscripts and GE practice management systems as well as ZirMed’s solutions, so their experts can help provider organizations get the most value out of our platform and network.”

ZirMed leverages its national database of healthcare payment information to cure administrative burdens and increase financial performance. ZirMed’s solutions aggregate and leverage data from across its national network of payers, providers and patients to facilitate, manage, and analyze clinical and financial communications among providers, payers, and patients and drive patient engagement. ZirMed solutions include clinical connectivity solutions, comprehensive analytics, eligibility verification, online payment, credit/debit card processing, claims management, coding compliancy and reimbursement management, electronic remittance advice, patient statements, patient estimation, patient e-commerce solutions and lockbox services.

ZirMed and EHR Integration Services partner to provide integration services for Allscripts...
By: HMT Mag
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