Nashville, TN and Tualatin, OR (August 13, 2012)Shareable Ink, the enterprise cloud computing company that transforms handwritten documentation to structured data and predictive analytics, today announced it has partnered with HealthCo Information Systems, a leading GE Healthcare Partner with more than 600 physician practice clients. The partnership enables practices using GE’s Centricity EHR to achieve the benefits of Shareable Ink Ambulatory Record. Through this partnership, HealthCo Information Systems customers can now enjoy the best of both worlds: compliance with Meaningful Use (MU) requirements without compromising practice productivity and patient volume in the process. The combined solution addresses the common concerns of physicians who know they need an EHR but are hesitant to deploy a new technology within an established, well-running practice’s operations.

“Shareable Ink enables the easiest capture of the ‘first inch’ of clinical documentation – whether from a patient, nurse or physician – and converts it into structured data that populates GE Centricity EHR fields accordingly,” said Stephen S. Hau, president and CEO, Shareable Ink. “As a reseller for GE Centricity, HealthCo Information Systems is well-positioned to extend the market reach of our easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solution, helping practices achieve MU requirements within existing operations.”

Shareable Ink offers key benefits over alternative ways to enter data into an EHR, such as keyboard or voice options. Both providers and patients utilize Shareable Ink’s natural input tools to capture clinical documentation without compromising productivity. Shareable Ink’s cloud computing platform converts handwritten text and gestures into structured and codified data, which is then delivered to core hospital and practice systems. Shareable Ink Ambulatory Record enables complete visit documentation in the exam room, eliminating the need to go to an office to dictate or type after seeing the patient, and it leverages the inconspicuous nature of pen and paper, so there is no barrier between provider and patient.

“For our large client base, we continuously seek out innovative solutions that can deliver structured and actionable data at any point in the patient encounter – from the waiting room to the exam room – so that providers receive all of the benefits of EHR with none of the pain of change,” said Dustin Wienecke, general manager of HealthCo Information Systems. “Shareable Ink Ambulatory Record enables our customers to auto-populate the GE Centricity EHR with discrete, useable data from their familiar forms, with minimal training required for providers, staff and patients. This enables them to maintain successful practices now and well into the future.”

Shareable Ink partners with HealthCo Information Systems to help physicians achieve meaningful...
By: HMT Mag
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