June 2, 2011 – PhoneFactor, a global provider of phone-based authentication, today announces a partnership with Right Networks to provide an additional layer of strong authentication to secure Right Network’s portfolio of cloud applications. Right Networks delivers leading business applications in the cloud for customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies and large not-for-profit organizations to sole proprietorships and individuals.

Right Networks customers will now have the option to enhance the protected access to their applications and data with simple, phone-based multi-factor authentication. “The process is absolutely seamless to our users – there’s nothing for users to install, no tokens or other devices to carry, and no changes to the login interface – it couldn’t be any easier,” says John Farrer, Chief Information Officer at Right Networks.

A user logs in just as he normally would by entering a username and password. Instantly, the user’s phone rings, he answers and presses #, and is immediately granted access. Conversely, if an attacker attempts to log in, the user can block access by answering the phone and pressing 911#. This instantly alerts Right Networks’ that an unauthorized access has been attempted so appropriate countermeasures can be taken.

“Blocking fraudulent access to customer data with out-of-band multi-factor authentication is critical for cloud-based services like Right Networks,” comments Farrer. “Not only is it a best practice, many of our customers have rigorous compliance mandates they must meet. We want to do everything that we can to make this process simple and convenient for them, while also providing the best multi-factor protection available to fight today’s increasingly sophisticated threats.”

PhoneFactor’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Steve Dispensa agrees. “Right Networks is taking an important step in protecting its customers,” notes Steve Dispensa. “Cloud-based services offer a number of distinct advantages to businesses, but it is essential that adequate security measures be employed to protect applications and data that reside in the cloud. Enterprises require even more stringent security when it comes to the cloud, including multi-factor authentication.”