Vienna, Austria – Philips Speech Processing today announced that its SpeechExec dictation workflow solution now fully supports Nuance’s Dragon Medical voice recognition. The announcement follows an extension of the long-time co-operation between the two companies, which has hitherto focused predominantly on the optimum use of Philips dictation hardware such as the Philips SpeechMike with Nuance’s voice recognition solutions for healthcare.

“Editing speech-recognized documents is up to three times faster than manual transcription and thus frees up time for patient care. By using Dragon Medical with Philips SpeechExec, medical secretaries will now receive an automatically transcribed draft of a doctor’s dictation, which they can easily review and finalize,” said Stefan Herm, Vice President and General Manager, Nuance Healthcare EMEA.

“Philips and Nuance Healthcare answered the demand of many medical practices and clinics wanting to use the digital dictation workflow solution SpeechExec together with their Dragon Medical voice recognition system. Our customers can now count on the seamless compatibility and smooth integration of the two systems, thus allowing medical secretaries to increase their individual productivity and deliver documents to doctors more quickly,” said Thomas Brauner, Managing Director, Philips Speech Processing.

Empowering the medical secretary
Medical secretaries can now use digital dictation and voice recognition conveniently in one integrated system and benefit from advanced workflow features. The SpeechExec Correction Editor makes reviewing and editing the auto-transcribed dictations a breeze: text is highlighted on screen in sync with the playback of the dictation audio file.

Dragon Medical is a specialist software solution for doctors, which is based on a comprehensive medical recognition vocabulary that delivers highly accurate text documents. The secretary can add new words to the recognition vocabulary, enabling Dragon Medical to automatically learn from each reviewed dictation document. Medical secretaries can configure an accurate, customized voice recognition system with their SpeechExec solution, affording them more time to manage medical practices and doctors’ offices.

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