ATLANTA — July 10, 2012 —South Hills Radiology Associates (SHRA), a radiology practice headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has turned to McKesson Revenue Management Solutions (RMS) to replace its in-house billing operation. McKesson will provide comprehensive billing services, including business intelligence tools, industry-leading regulatory compliance and certified radiology coding, for the 14-physician practice.

“Given the declining volumes and changes in reimbursement methods we've seen throughout radiology, we've been looking for ways to strengthen our financial and billing operations while reducing practice overhead,” said Donald Orr, M.D., president of SHRA. “We considered a number of outsourced billing alternatives before deciding on McKesson. Our decision was based on its long-term radiology billing experience, significant presence in Pennsylvania and depth of compliance expertise. McKesson can also process our billing locally through its Center of Excellence for Radiology in Pittsburgh. We truly feel like we've found a strategic partner that can help us in many ways for years to come.”

Orr said the detailed financial reporting that McKesson provides will bring an entirely new level of insight to the group and help ensure that operational trends, both positive and negative, can be quickly identified and acted upon. He added that productivity reports likewise will help individual physicians better understand and improve their practice patterns. From a compliance perspective, Orr said, McKesson's knowledge of the increasingly complex regulatory landscape and the company's assistance in understanding emerging regulatory requirements should prove invaluable.  “From top to bottom, McKesson delivers unmatched capabilities that we could never duplicate on our own,” he said.

Pat Leonard, senior vice president and general manager, RMS, said that helping physician groups make a smooth transition from in-house billing is a key priority for McKesson.  “Our dedicated transition team helps ensure that all aspects of the changeover, from information technology issues to accounts receivable management, are addressed and resolved,” he said. “We're committed to ensuring that our physician clients realize the benefits that we can provide as rapidly as possible.”