Atlanta, October 10, 2013 — Navicure, a leading medical claims clearinghouse, and Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc., a leading practice management system, announced today that the two Georgia-based companies have formed a strategic partnership to improve accounts receivable management for medical billing companies, physician practices and hospitals through technology integration and educational resources. The partnership also aims to help lead these healthcare organizations seamlessly through the complex ICD-10 transition, which takes effect on October 1, 2014.

With ICD-10, code sets used for clinical documentation and insurance reimbursement will expand dramatically, posing a particular challenge for billing personnel, and it will be essential for some healthcare providers and billers to upgrade their technology to handle the new ICD-10 codes. As part of the partnership, Navicure and Healthpac have integrated their technologies to allow for fast and easy solution upgrades.

As with 5010, the two companies will provide their mutual clients with easy-to-use solutions and exceptional customer service before, during and after the transition to ICD-10. In addition, Navicure and Healthpac have made available to all providers a significant number of complimentary ICD-10 educational resources including white papers, preparation timelines and webinars. Plus, Navicure recently introduced the ICD-10 Analyzer, a complimentary online tool that enables practices and billing companies to identify the ICD-9 codes that will most impact a practice’s or billing services’ payer reimbursement and suggest corresponding ICD-10 codes.

Healthpac and Navicure are each sponsors of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA), a leading not-for-profit trade association for billing companies and physician practices. Brad Lund, executive director of HBMA, commented, “Billing companies, physician practices, and hospitals will all benefit from the partnership between Healthpac and Navicure. The two companies each enjoy a strong reputation among our members. Their integrated technology, great client service and educational resources will be invaluable to our industry as we all transition to ICD-10. We support them and wish them well.”

“With the upcoming transition to ICD-10, we want our current and future clients to feel confident that their revenue cycle will be impacted as little as possible,” said Buddy Claborn, CEO of Healthpac. “With Navicure, we know that will be true. The company was prepared well in advance of the 5010 conversion deadline and is prepared now for ICD-10.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with Healthpac and look forward to providing medical practices and billing companies with a combined solution that will help them effectively manage their revenue cycles and prepare for ICD-10,” said Jim Denny, founder, president and CEO of Navicure.

Navicure and Healthpac Computer Systems form strategic partnership
By: HMT Mag
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