Orem, UT – September 6, 2013 – KLAS announced today that it is making changes to a long-standing tradition by moving the release dates for their annual Best in KLAS rankings. Starting with the next release, the Best in KLAS Software and Services report will be published at the end of January instead of in December. The Best in KLAS Medical Equipment and Infrastructure report will now be published at the end of July.

KLAS made the change as part of their continued efforts to provide the most accurate data to providers. The date change will allow KLAS to include a more comprehensive set of data from the calendar year for which the awards are being presented. KLAS will still present the awards at the annual HIMSS conference in February.

“This wasn't a decision that was taken lightly,” said Adam Gale, president of KLAS. “We know a lot of people eagerly await the results of the rankings at the end of every year. That said, we feel these new release dates will be a better reflection of the year's performance for each vendor.”

For more detailed information on the Best in KLAS date change, visit http://www.klasresearch.com/lp/klas_bik_faq or contact KLAS at communications@klasresearch.com.

KLAS announces changes to the Best in KLAS Report
By: HMT Mag
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