Phil Colpas

Sometimes in life, it feels appropriate to toot one’s own horn, so to speak. So if you will permit me, now is one of those times. recently named Health Management Technology magazine as one of its “100 Health Care Organizations to Watch in 2013.” This annual list is divided into three sections: Hospitals & Clinics, Health Management & Administration and Health Information Technology; HMT is one of 23 organizations to make the cut in the latter category.

According to, “The health care industry has gone through some painful changes, and indeed is still having to transform rapidly to accommodate new technology, increasing numbers of aging patients needing continuing care and a highly litigious climate that hangs over the medical community, where medical malpractice lawsuits threaten to destroy careers. Some organizations have cracked under the pressure, and some have risen to the top as leaders, visionaries and innovators in a difficult period. These organizations, websites, blogs and companies are doing good work, and we’re excited to watch them grow throughout the next year and beyond.” covers a wide range of topics all relating to health administration, including salary and job advancement opportunities, types of degree programs available and online institutions offering accredited degrees in the field.

We here at HMT are honored to have made the list!

HMT named one of '100 Health Care Organizations to Watch in 2013'
By: HMT Mag
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