How do I find out what the focus of an editorial calendar item is?

Most of our stories are contributed case histories. Therefore, we do not identify a focus other than what appears on our editorial calendar. Our underlying focus for all subjects is “Solutions for healthcare organizations.”

Do you have guidelines for contributed articles?

The Guidelines for contributed articles are on our Web site or you can e-mail for the guidelines in Word format. Please review the guidelines before submitting an abstract or article.

How do I get a product published?

For guidelines on new product submissions, see Product Submissions.

What is the best way to contact you?

We prefer to receive information by e-mail. If you call to brief us on something, we will still ask for an e-mail of what you have told us.

How do I check to see if you received my announcement or press release?

We receive hundreds of e-mails, letters and faxes daily. We can usually remember if we have received your release, but it is not possible for us to tell you if it will be published, when it will be published, or even where it is within our files. If we need more information from your query, we will call.

Do you participate in phone briefings? Web conferences? On-site briefings?

We generally do not do phone briefings. This is due to two facts: we do not report news because of the long lead time a monthly requires; and, most of our articles are contributed, not staff-written. We do not do Web conferences for the same reasons. If we have a need for more information from your announcements or press releases, we will call. We welcome you to visit our southwest Florida offices for in-person briefings.

How do I get an editorial calendar?

The Health Management Technology Editorial Calendar is on our Web site, or send a request to  for a copy in Word format.

Does the editorial calendar change, and do you include subjects not on the calendar?

Yes to both. The calendar is a framework. Changes usually are posted on the Web site. Even if a topic is not mentioned on the calendar in a particular month, we may cover it. So, you can propose stories that are not on the calendar.

How do I get a company included in your Resource Guide?

Companies may create/edit their listings at any time throughout the year by going to the Resource Guide area of HMT’s Web site and following the instructions. Listings are reviewed and edited by HMT’s editors to conform to AP and HMT style. It can take up to 48 hours before listings are approved and published online.

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