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Jettisoning rev limiters in the race toward fi scal health

By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large 4 24

COLUMNS Viewpoint

Be honest By Jason Free, Features Editor Thought Leaders

Collaborating our way into interoperability

By Michael Mancuso, CEO, Philips Healthcare Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions


20 22

What strategies, tactics boost revenue cycle management operations?


Health Management Technology contacted a group of experts to defi ne their understanding of revenue cycle management and all that it might encompass. The group of experts includes: Patrick Campbell, Product Manager, MedAptus Inc., John Dragovits, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Revenue Cycle, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc., Kathy Schwartz, Product Manager, Craneware Inc., Karen England, Revenue Cycle Consultant, Ingenious Med, Mary Beth Lang, ScD, Vice President, Healthcare Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management Com- mercial Services, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Jim Riley, President and CEO, Capario, Amy Amick, President, Revenue Cycle Management Segment, MedAssets Inc., Patrick DeAngelo, Vice President, Technology and Process, McKesson Business Performance Services, Robert Magnuson, Principal Advisor, Impact Advisors LLC. Jeffery Rose, M.D.,CMIO, TriZetto Corp.


16 18

Bringing together PSOs and health IT A perfect collaboration for quality patient care. By Stephanie Zaremba, Senior Manager of Government and Regulatory Affairs, athenahealth, Inc.

An in-depth discussion on risk management HMT Conference Call By Jason Free, Features Editor


Industry Watch Windows XP, network vulnerabilities, fl ywheels, tablets in the fi eld

Exclusive Living Case Study: ZirMed The role, and actual meaning, of analytics in healthcare.

Dashboard Data Storage/Data Management

June 2014 Vol. 35, No. 6

TACTICAL OPERATIONS Document management

gets personal Streamline your healthcare workfl ow. By Dennis Amorosano, Vice president, Business Imaging Solutions Group Marketing Division, Canon U.S.A.

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