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● Product Spotlight: HIMSS14 PACS with true 64-bit processing

Carestream show- cased upgrades to its healthcare IT portfolio as works in progress that in- clude a new CAR- ESTREAM Vue PACS and Vue for Vendor Neutral Ar-

chive with a Windows environment and 64-bit Intel Xeon servers that can help enhance performance while reducing costs. Carestream is also upgrading its Vue Beyond real-time business intelligence and reporting dashboard, Vue Motion zero-footprint image viewer and MyVue patient portal to efficiently interact with its new 64-bit PACS. Carestream

Turn Apple devices into scanners

Honeywell has expanded its Cap- tuvo line of durable encasements for Apple devices to include the Captuvo SL22h and SL42h to equip iPod touch (5th genera- tion) and iPhone (5, 5c and 5s) devices with the power of linear and 2D barcode data collection. These lightweight, compact sleds reduce user fatigue by offering single-handed functionality for clinical staff performing a variety of tasks, including medication

administration, specimen collection and remote patient monitoring. Honeywell

Analyze the cost of care

Infor Healthcare TrueCost, part of the Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Man- agement Suite and Health 3.0 initiative, aims to leverage clinical and operational data to help organizations more accurately measure and track costs across the continuum of care. This solution will allow decision makers to analyze and

manage risk in a prospective payment or ACO environment, identify patient care variation in both acute and sub-acute care settings, and support the evolving environment of value-based reimbursement and patient-centered care. Infor INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Advertiser Page

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All-in-one convertible tablet

The lightweight and convertible all-in-one A22i tablet boasts a slim profile and low power con- sumption. Its versatile design allows it to be moved both on a medical cart using its VESA mounting capability or carried by hand. The unit features an Intel Ivy i-Core Series i3, i5 or i7 processor, Intel Rapid Start Technology, Intel HD Graphics, a full HD 22-inch multi-touch

display, 2-megapixel Web camera and support for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. GammaTech Computer Corp.

RTLS gives the big picture AeroScout Patient Flow provides hospital- and clin- ic-wide visibility to im- prove patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. By monitoring the status and location of people and resources, this solution pro- vides real-time data to mea- sure performance, identify

trends and pinpoint opportunities for process improvement. The associated RoomCheck application extends visibility at the room level, with tablet displays providing real-time information on room status, patient information, staff in the room, current location of patient, room temperature and more. STANLEY Healthcare


April 2014


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