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Witnessing down in the delta: Update #1

A living case study of diabetes population health management.

By Jason Free, Features Editor

County, MS. A

Rather than waiting for the conclusion of the project to outline its impacts, I am creating a living case study that will describe the planning, execution and revision of the work as it occurs. Below are excerpts of two interviews I conducted to establish the purpose and the thoughts that went into

s outlined in the Viewpoint section of


March 2014 issue of Health Management Technology, the Mississippi Diabetes Tele- health Network has launched in Sunf lower

the initial planning of the project. The first interview is with Dr. Kristie Henderson,

Director of Telehealth at University of Mississippi Medi- cal Center (UMMC). The second interview is with Sean Slovenski, CEO, Care Innovations, and Ray Solone, Ex- ecutive Director of Marketing, Care Innovations. The full transcripts of each interview are posted in the “Online Only Features” section of the HMT website. In May, I will post online a major feature updating

the progress, as well as some of the initial results, of the program.

Jason Free: How did you get this off the ground? How did you get these different people to work together?

Dr. Kristie Henderson, Director of Telehealth at University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) Well, as we all know, Mississippi his- torically has been ranked last in terms of chronic diseases like diabetes. My career has been spent trying to find new approaches to help the patients in our

state find the best possible care and information needed to get us on the right path for better health. I am very active in the American Telemedicine Asso- ciation, so I had a series of conversations with different vendors about this point. Every time I would talk to a

18 April 2014

vendor, I would say that Mississippi is where you need to test your clinical delivery models. If you can overcome the challenges Mississippi has with the worst outcomes, poverty, challenges with work force, then you can do it everywhere. This is about as bad as it gets in the Missis- sippi delta. Fast forward ahead many months, and General Electric was meeting with the governor, and then subsequently with us. This partnership started aligning, and we be- gan to make plans to go to Sunflower County Medical Center. They’re very innovative in how they run their hospital, and they are trying hard to turn that commu- nity around. They have done other telehealth projects with us, and oftentimes when I have pilot projects, I go there. It’s a great place for me to test because of the challenging circumstances you see there. So we went to


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